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Each writer registered at ThePensters.com has his own profile where all the necessary information about his academic competence and achievements is stored for the convenience of our customers. Furthermore, we have granted each writer a unique opportunity to blog about the spheres they are most proficient in to show what they are really worth. Some of you may start wondering and tormenting yourself with questions like: “Why blog if I have already stated all the necessary info about myself within my profile?” The answer appears to be very simple. Blogging at ThePensters.com is a powerful tool brought to you by our team to help you promote yourself and make you stand out among the other writers. Constantly blogging at ThePensters.com helps you advertise yourself extensively and show the customer that you are exactly the right person to do the job. Say, you consider yourself to be a top-notch expert in the field of political science and expect to have a decent amount of orders to handle, but for some inconceivable reason it is the other fellow that snatches it all, even though his profile and academic background is not as sublime and persuasive as yours. However, do not hasten to sound the alarm yet, since the explanation lies within. Most likely, your colleague turned out to be more businesslike and industrious than you and had been blogging for a while before, in order to emphasize his strong points and attract the attention of the potential customers to his very profile. To understand all the significance of blogging within your profile it is important to have some basic knowledge as to how a conventional search engine works. It would not be a striking revelation to any of you to learn that whenever the customer is using a search engine to find a professional writer to help him with the assignment, he is using certain keywords that are most likely to forward him to the website that matches the words used for this purpose. Given the circumstances, blogging about political science or whatever you feel you are superior in and using corresponding buzz words pertaining to the sphere would help your profile become conspicuous enough among the vast variety of all the other worthy candidates, who could take the assignment over. Blogging at ThePensters.com greatly increases the odds that the customer proceeds to your profile and requests you as the writer to work on his order.

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