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Compulsory posting of at least one entry in your personal blog

Dear writers,

This is to inform you that the new policy of our company is to come into effect in two weeks time from now. Namely, it implies compulsory posting of at least one entry in your personal blog. Please, note that the entry you post should be of a decent size and composition as well as it has to be meaningful. It is strongly recommended to have the post written in the scope of the subject you are well-versed in. Each entry will be checked by the website administration and your account might be blocked or suspended if the entry is written inappropriately. We strongly advise you not to procrastinate with this matter and have the post written the sooner the better, so that you would not have to interrupt the work on your orders. You can post your own entry proceeding to “My blog” tab.

ThePensters.com Team

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