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How a Book about Personality Types Can Make You an ‘A+’ Student


Everybody is different. Some people are more quiet and steady; others are more impulsive and sociable. Really, it is not at all surprising, that the ways in which people study and work can be completely opposite. It is quite important to understand your own personality to make the studying process more effective as well as more interesting for you. There are many benefits of understanding your particular personality type in order to become a successful university student; here are just a few examples.

Arrange Your Study Time Properly

For some students, completing the work in one go full steam ahead is better than taking it in short spurts. While some studies suggest that the ideal length of time to work on one thing before taking a break is 90 minutes, it varies from person to person. For others, the idea of doing 90 straight minutes of work sounds positively grueling and can reduce their motivation to begin working at all. Know thyself, as the Bard advised, and decide in advance, what will work for you.

Choose the Profession Right for You

When you are not really sure what career will suit you best, it is not a bad idea to delve into the nuances of what makes you tick. Do you love being around people all day long, or is silent solo work more your style? Do you need variety or do you crave familiarity? Are you happier while managing a project or while acting on marching orders from a superior? Find out before you choose the major. Try reading a book about personality types to get a good feel for what you might love, and what might drive you crazy.

Find Electives That You Might Enjoy Taking

Of course there are general classes that you can’t avoid. But, when it comes to choosing between a group physical education class with lots of teamwork and a private swim lesson, you would do well to know what will make you feel more willing to attend (especially if it’s an early class). Perhaps understanding more about your personality will lead you to explore areas of study that you have not considered before, but that you will find your new favorite things.

Pursue New Hobbies

Perhaps, you have always been seeing yourself as a more reserved type, but after having learned about your personality, you have discovered that you really find it energizing to spend time around other people. This might motivate you to join a theatre group and get involved to other
students who are interested in the same types of things that you are interested in. Alternately, discovering that you are really most at home on your own might finally free you to read, draw, or cycle on your own without feeling like you’re missing out on the fun.

As you can see, it can be quite interesting and even useful to read about your personality and find out what can help you succeed in studying

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