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How to Cope with Book Report Papers without Actual Reading


Students frequently face an assignment to write book report papers during their time at the university. Sometimes they are asked to write pieces on books that they really like, but sometimes (even very often) they have to deal with writing the reports on books that are not to their liking. They would like to do anything, but read the book. Still, they have to cope with that pesky assignment to get an excellent grade. So, how can a student skip actual reading the book and write an ‘A+’ book review? Finding book report online and just copying it is a plagiarism, and it is not worth the risk. Instead, here are some simple ways to do it. Whichever you will choose is up to you.

Watch the Film

Watch more than one, if you have some time to put them on while taking care of something else! If there is a film that does a good job of capturing the plot elements accurately, you can really get good knowledge of the book without actually having to wade through hundreds of pages. Beware of movies that only nod at the actual plot of the books; when a filmmaker takes creative liberties with a novel’s events, it might be fun for casual entertainment, but a professor will smell a rat right away. Look online to find out if there is a film that will provide you with an acceptable substitute for reading the book to help you prepare your report paper. You can even throw a little party for the other students, arranging an evening viewing a film and help everybody out with their grades.

Read the Book’s Summary on the Internet

What did people do before the Internet, you’ll ask yourself, as you pull up a website like Sparknotes or Cliff Notes that gives you as much information (or as little, let’s be honest) as you want about the book that your professor has assigned you to read. You can explore all of the details of the plot, read chapter summaries, and even explore some major themes to help you come up with a convincing paper. Who knows – you might even surprise yourself and learn something new. It is possible that you were held back from reading the book, simply because you did not understand what was going on, and a Sparknotes version can help you get your bearings and stay interested in the story.

Read the Wikipedia Page about the Book

Different from a Sparknotes summary, the Wikipedia page for a given book will provide you with a list of main characters, their relationships to each other, and the history of the author. You will be able to track original sources at the bottom of the page, so you can find them and cite them for your own paper. It is important to take notes as you go along; if you outline your paper while you are learning new information, you will not get confused (especially if you are wading through hundreds of pages of Tolstoy with all those confusing nicknames).

You see that there is no reason to fall apart if you have no time to read a book. Choose one of the provided variants to cope with such a hard issue, and to write a perfect paper.

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