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14 Best Books on Essay Writing


In this article, we have gathered top-rated writing guides to help you improve your academic writing skills to perfection. If this is just what you are looking for, grab these ideas!

14 Books for Essay Writing: Advanced List of Academic Helpers

How to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay Step-by-Step: Step-by-Step Study Skills by J Matthews

This is one of the books for essay writing that will be helpful for all students who want to sharpen their writing skills and write their academic papers creatively while meeting all the academic demands.

This comprehensive guide offers a systematic approach to composing effective academic essays and delivering a key idea in the best way. The main idea of the book is to teach you, as a college learner, to break the writing princess into smaller manageable steps. This will help you concentrate on every part of your writing and produce a strong paper.

A Professor’s Guide to Writing Essays: The No-Nonsense Plan for Better Writing by Dr. Jacob Neumann

Dr. Jacob Neumann is a professor and writing expert who shares ideas on how to write academic papers effectively. This guide will be helpful for college students who always consider every new college paper a real struggle.

This guide provides practical strategies for improving your writing skills. It offers clear and concise guidance on producing a high-quality essay focusing on essential skills for academic success.

50 Successful Harvard Application Essays, 5th Edition: What Worked for Them Can Help You Get into the College of Your Choice by Staff of the Harvard Crimson

This practical guide is one of the best books on writing essays to show examples of application essays that impress admissions collected in one book.

This guide will be of great use to applicants who need inspiration from successful examples. This guide will provide you with perfect examples of application essays and offer a detailed analysis with valuable insights for crafting a standout paper.

The Complete College Essay Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing the Personal Statement and the Supplemental Essays by Brittany Maschal and Emma Wood

This is one more writing guide on how to craft a strong application essay that will hook the admissions committee. If you want to enter a university or college and need to craft a personal statement, this book is just for you. Here, you will find a step-by-step guide on going through the entire essay-writing process and coming up with an essay that rocks.

Elegant Essay Writing Lessons: Building Blocks for Analytical Writing by Lesha Myers

This book will become a perfect assistant for students who want to format essay writing skills in analytical papers. In this guide, you will find well-structured lessons to enhance your writing abilities. This book will show you how to work with numbers, research the needed information, and present the completed research in your writing.

Writing Essay Exams To Succeed in Law School: Not Just Survive, Fourth Edition (Academic Success) by John C. Dernbach

John C. Dernbach, a legal scholar and educator, has written this practical guide to help law students understand the unique challenges of legal education.

This writing guide mainly targets law students preparing for an essay-based exam. Some law disciplines require you, as a student, to complete an essay without preliminary preparation. It means that you come to a class and have to compose a paper on a given issue on the spot. This guide will help you understand how such essays are assessed and provide you with essay writing tips to help you handle such an assignment with ease.

The Essential Guide to Writing History Essays by Katherine Pickering Antonova

Katherine Pickering Antonova is a historian, educator, and the author of this writing guide, which will help you handle history essays more easily.

Writing about historical events is demanding because you must stick to historical facts. Every word matters greatly to provide your readers with comprehensive analysis and accurate information. At first glance, it may seem easy, but in practice, this requires much effort.
In this writing guide, you will find effective strategies and examples of how to produce a strong history essay and deliver all the information to your audience properly.

The College Writing Bible: [5 in 1] The New Updated Guide to Quickly Improve Your Writing Skills with Practical Strategies to Write Effectively and Succeed in College and Life by Anthony A. Hart

This guide is a comprehensive toolkit that teaches you how to produce top-quality writing in college and beyond the institution.

When you are at college, this book can come in handy to solve your academic writing issue and give theoretical and practical guidance on how to craft a good essay writing assignment that deserves a high grade. However, this writing guide is not limited to academic writing; it can help you handle different types of papers even beyond your college.

College Essay Essentials: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Successful College Admissions Essay by Ethan Sawyer

If you are getting ready to enter a college or university and need some essay writing help with your admission paper, this guide will teach you how to effectively write this type of essay and stand out from the crowd.

This guide offers an interactive process where you study the theory, look at examples, and do exercises to master your own writing skills. This is a great idea for understanding how writing rules work in practice. If you need something to help you write a memorable application essay, this guide is just what you need.

Crafting The Personal Essay: A Guide for Writing and Publishing Creative Non-Fiction by Dinty W. Moore

This particular guide teaches you to craft creative narratives for publication, but this is also a great tool for those who want to master their skills in college essay writing and handle assignments with ease. Do you know that publishing is very demanding? If you know how to meet all the requirements, impress the publishing committee, and finally get published, rest assured that these skills will also help you create a college masterpiece.

In this guide, you will find a lot of useful tips, information, and practical examples to help you comprehend the material to the fullest.

Essay Writing: A reference guide to organizing and writing argumentative essays, classification essays, process essays, and more by Joe Corbyn

This multifunctional writing guide will help you handle most types of essays and focuses on the peculiarities of each kind.

This book will show you how to polish your skills in structuring and developing high-quality essays in various genres and topics. If you are looking for books on essay writing to help you organize your writing skills, this publication is what you need.

Successful Academic Writing: A Complete Guide for Social and Behavioral Scientists by Anneliese A. Singh and Lauren Lukkarila

Anneliese A. Singh and Lauren Lukkarila are experts in social and behavioral sciences, and their guide is an ultimate set of practical strategies, examples, and exercises for students who need help with essay writing. This book will teach you, as a student and researcher, to effectively communicate your ideas through writing.

How to Write a Lot: A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing by Paul J. Silvia

This writing guide is aimed at academics and researchers who want to boost their professional writing skills and productivity even in conditions where they have to handle much work.
With the help of this volume, you will get some practical tips on overcoming barriers in academic writing and establishing productive writing habits. If you want to know how to increase your writing output and manage time effectively, this guide will answer your questions.

Writing Tips & Tricks (Quick Study Academic) by Inc. BarCharts

This is merely the best essay writing guide that should always be at hand when you are a college student, especially for ESL learners. In this writing guide, you will find all the essential English rules that will help you write a professional essay and sound like a real ENL student. It has everything you need: punctuation, grammar, and more. All the potential writing issues are explained with examples to help you understand them better.

How do you effectively use books on writing essays?

There are some tips on effectively using such writing guides and navigating through the useful ideas and tips presented in them.

  • Take notes. You can take notes in paper books if needed to navigate the material better and highlight the helpful material you would like to use in practice.
  • Highlight the key ideas. Use highlighters to emphasize the main points. This will also help you navigate the material you want to use when writing your essays.
  • Use bookmarks. When you read an idea and find it interesting or useful for yourself, place a bookmark to easily find this information the next time you are working on a college essay.

When asked how to work with paper textbooks, people fall into two camps: those who stand against taking notes in paper books and those who support such actions. Some people say that books must be clean and teach their children to be prudent with their books and even punish them for making notes in paper books. On the other hand, some people think that such note-taking, especially in paper books while reading the material, can help remember the key points better.

Most modern educators follow the second idea. We believe that in-book note-taking can help students learn the material better than reading a textbook and making notes elsewhere. This is an extra motion that could even distract you from the learning process, and some students may refuse to take notes at all.

Of course, taking notes is allowed only in personal books; if you have borrowed a book from a library or asked your classmate to share their book with you, you should be careful with it. Taking notes is forbidden in this case unless your classmate asks you the opposite.

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