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Essay: Technology in a Brave New World

brave new world essayIt wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that time goes progressively faster and faster. Humankind has been living in pretty much unchanging conditions for thousands of years, then changes started to happen in the course of mere hundreds of years, then decades… and now the technological progress happens so fast that we are no longer surprised to find our world completely different from what it was just a couple of years back. The last twenty years brought more changes than the entire century before; and this situation isn’t going to change – the world is moving forward ever faster.

Some resent it, saying that we are losing our traditions and our connections with the past; the others are fascinated with the change and can’t wait to see what comes next. Whatever your point of view may be, you cannot deny one thing: we surely live in interesting times.


Brave New World is Getting Braver Every Day

What belonged to a sci-fi movie twenty years ago is a part of mundane reality today. Here are just a few things that became part of our life in that period of time:

  • Mobile devices – not only phones, but full-fledged mini-computers that are able to do all sorts of things and fit inside a pocket.
  • Computers – yes, they existed for much longer, but only during the last two decades they managed to become an immanent part of most households.
  • The same goes for the Internet – it is no longer a way of quickly communicating with each other, but a powerful network pervading all spheres of our life and making them so much easier.

And these are examples from just one sphere of human activity, namely, information technologies. In other spheres there are other discoveries and inventions that are no less fascinating and important, although their impact on our lives may be somewhat less immediate. Whichever way you look, there are more changes happening every day than one can readily believe.

In such conditions it is virtually impossible to make any projections of what is going to happen even in the nearest future – world of ten years from now is as inconceivable for us today as today was inconceivable ten years ago.


Is It a Good Thing?

Doubters and naysayers are very fond of stating that relying on technology so much humankind loses… something. It is, actually, pretty hard to understand what exactly and in what respect lives of people, say, two hundred years ago, were better than they are now. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that today an average citizen of a developed country lives much better than a European monarch of 18th century. Healthcare, entertainment, immediate and easy access to information – just name it.

It is quite certain that technological advances will pervade our lives in other, as of yet inconceivable ways. And by judging how average conditions of life have improved when compared to the past, it is a thing to look forward to, not to be afraid of.

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