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Top 15 Scholarships for International Students in the US

usa scholarshipsThe United States is the prime destination for getting top notch education and professional training. Many international students aspire to get accepted in a professional and popular university within the US for further education and development. As attractive as the education possibilities are in the US, they are equally expensive, especially for international students. However, many US universities offer a wide range of scholarships to international students. These scholarships range from offering tuition waivers to free accommodation to allotting stipends for scholarship holders.

Following is a list of the 15 best scholarship programs offered by colleges/universities in the US as well as by the US government and institutions:

1. Foreign Fullbright Student Program:

This is a holistic grant that covers not only tuition fees and textbook expenses but also covers airfare, a living stipend and health insurance. This grant is offered to students aspiring to complete their Master’s, PHD and non-degree post-graduate studies.

2. Humphrey Fellowship Program:

The fellowship program is designed to provide professional enrichment to a select few from designated countries of the world. The grant covers all related expenses for a year.

3. Amherst College Scholarships:

The college currently runs a need-based financial aid program for international students. The student’s financial need is assessed and a grant is offered accordingly. The award may include employment options as well as scholarships.

4. Berea College Scholarships:

All students admitted are offered a 4-year tuition scholarship. This is conjunction with any other grants or awards received by the student and can completely cover the cost of tuition. Grants for room, board and fees might also be provided by the college for students who require them.

5. Colombia College Scholarships:

Almost 20 grants and scholarships are offered to outstanding international students in the form of one-time cash grants and 25-100% tuition reduction.

6. Dartmouth College Scholarships:

The college offers need-based financial aid to all students including international and transfer students. No academic, merit or athletic scholarships are offered but all undergraduates have access to the need-based scholarship option.

7. East Tennessee State University:

International Students Academic Scholarship program is offered by the University that covers 50% of the total in and out of state tuition and maintenance fees. The grant is offered to both undergraduate and graduate students studying at ETSU.

8. Iowa State University Scholarships:

The University offers International Student Ambassador Scholarships to international students that display exceptional leadership skills. The renewable awards range from $4000-$7000.

9. Michigan University:

The University offers a number of scholarships and grants to deserving undergraduate and post graduate international students.

10. New York University Wagner Scholarships:

NYU Wagner offers merit-based scholarships to all its postgraduate applicants. It also offers special grants for African-American women.

11. Oregon University Scholarships:

The university offers a number of scholarships and grants to both its undergraduate and graduate students. All scholarships are merit-based and range from half to full tuition waiver.

12. Wesleyan University Scholarships:

The university offers limited scholarships to international students. They have a Freeman Asian Scholars program that awards grants to 11 Asian students yearly.

13. York University Scholarships:

Scholarships are offered to both graduate and post-graduate students. They range from partial to full tuition waiver.

14. Arkansas University Scholarships:

The university offers about 10 scholarships and grants for international students.

15. Colby-Sawyer College Scholarships:

Many need-based and merit-based scholarships are offered to international students. The undergraduate grants offered are worth $50,000-75,000.

There are many other local educational and government institutions in different countries around the globe that offer scholarships to citizens to study in the US. Some popular scholarships include Japan World Bank Scholarships, AAUW International Fellowships and Agha Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program.

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