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Case Study on Digital Marketing

The case study on digital marketing is intended to trace specific company’s strategies on the way of overcoming its problems in the field of marketing via online resources. This type of the case study typically includes several key parts, specific overview, challenge, strategy, and results. The case study on a digital marketing presents the information in a consistent, clear, and logical manner in order to comprehensively describe the company’s preconditions that ultimately led to an appeared problem, as well as the process of its solution.

digital marketing


The Arclight company tends to be a successful and competitive developer in the field of software that is specialized in the service of light maintenance and the production of the lighting equipment. In fact, being relatively young company founded only in 2012, Arclight has already become recognized among over five hundred corporate and private customers in twelve American states. It should be noted that due to the lack of analogical offers in the market, Arclight had very beneficial position to prosper from the very start. At the beginning of 2016, the Arclight’s top management expressed intentions to start the development of software products designed to automatically control lighting perimeters in the U.S. jails.


Despite the fact that the Arclight’s products are deeply integrated into online technologies, Arclight experiences difficulties in an appropriate promotion of its commodity due to a strictly technical direction of production. Potential competitors of Arclight, specifically Shinex and TSG, demonstrated more significant flexibility of searching new customers and potential partners by an effective usage of a social media like LinkedIn.


In order to improve targeting capabilities of the company and capture new market segments, Arclight has decided to utilize LinkedIn advertising as well. In particular, Arclight chose a direction to delve more into a private market segment by initiating a vast campaign implying the promotion of security light systems for private users. It should be noted that Arclight started targeting specific professions and specializations in order to get the attention of an appropriate audience for Arclight’s new product. Once the campaign was launched, Arclight tried almost fifty different designs of LinkedIn ads to choose a specific one that is the most effective. Moreover, customer landing pages were built specifically for LinkedIn users in order to ensure a high conversion rate.


After the initiation of the campaign, Arclight became able to attract approximately two hundred new private customers with a considerable profit increased to almost 50 percent. In addition, Arclight obtained possibilities to improve online communications with already existing corporate customers by integrating LinkedIn platform to their needs. At the same time, all Arclight’s customers indicated that with the introduction of a new online marketing platform, Arclight began to better address customer feedbacks, what particularly allowed to enhance the quality of products greatly. Nowadays, Arclight occupies a stable leading market position not only in the field of producing an advanced lighting equipment for corporate and governmental facilities, but it also popular in terms of a private security lighting.


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