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Sample Appraisal Report

The sample appraisal report is the type of the business document that traces the personal work achievements and failures of each worker separately. The gathered data may be used further for the projection of the best strategies and tactics to advance the performance of each term player and, at the same time, contribute to the further qualitative and quantitative improvement of the whole company’s service. The sample appraisal report below provides the example of the objective evaluation of the employee’s work characteristics and progress.

professional powerpoint templates free downloadEmployee Name: Jane Smith

Position: Account Manager

Supervisor Name: Katy Johnson

Department: Client Support Department

Date: 26 Sept. 2016

1. Execution of TripBridge daily responsibilities:

The worker demonstrates the high indices of the everyday performance, works hard on the constant basis and has no serious regress patterns. Besides, the employee exhibits the careful account for TripBridge code of ethics and applies the theory in practice while dealing with the diverse clientele. She has only one complaint related to the way of interacting with the customer, which, one has been resolved as not her fault case. Meanwhile, she is reported to have some minor troubles with the non-Americans even despite the generally tolerant attitude and the genuine desire to help.

2. Completion of annual goals:

Thanks to the worker’s devotion to the work required, she has succeeded in raising the department’s productivity level by 15 %. In its turn, such parameter has affected the overall revenue statistics in a positive way too. Considering this, it comes that the employee has even exceeded the rate of work set to be conducted as the obligatory one. Moreover, it should be noted that the increased quantity of the work volume does not violate the quality of the operation, what deserves some praise on the behalf of the Quality Assurance Department.

3. General performance in quality and quantity:

The worker maintains the high-level accuracy of work produced, complies with the company standards and shows the punctual and serious attitude towards the work regime. The documents written by the employee by the proper language, grammar, and formatting details. Meanwhile, some typos are also the common phenomenon to be repeated, what requires some further attention to this aspect.

4. Recommendations for improvement:

Though the worker’s performance is the example for the rest of the tea to follow, some piece of advice are also crucial for making it even more efficient. Firstly, to solve the matter of her painful experience with the non-Americans, it is recommended to invite her to visit the specific brief courses devoted to the problems of the raising the multicultural competence. Secondly, the employee needs to take the task of proofreading more diligently, what may call for her acquaintance with the computer check programs. Finally, owing to her extensive proficiency in the time management (completion of annual goals), he can also help the colleagues by launching the workshop and share her individual experiences on how to use the time productively with the others.

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