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Sample Statistics Research Paper

Sample Statistics Research Paper is the type of the academic assignments the student conduct for the aim of coming to the roots of some social, economic, ecological or other problem and analyzing its scope of spreading for the time being. To launch this task, the learner needs to review the numerous credible resources and find the convincing factual evidence supporting the argument. The sample statistics research paper below is devoted to the quantitative assessment of the suicide frequency on the global scale and in the United States as well as its dependence on the age factor.

did you hurt meThe statistics shows that over 800 000 people commit suicide with a fatal outcome during the last year. The rate of people who attempt suicide is notably higher. Millions of individuals experience suicide bereavement annually. In consequence, suicide remains the second leading cause of mortality among adults in 2016. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce factors that increase risk of suicide commitment as soon as possible. With accordance to public health approach, prevention should be applied at all levels of society: from the individual, family, and local levels to the global social environment. Efficient prevention strategies require advancing awareness of suicide with the promotion of prevention, resilience, and commitment to social change.

Suicide Rates by Age

In 2016, the highest suicide pace is 19.3%. These indices are detected among the group of 85 years or older victims. The following highest rate is 19.2%. It relates primarily to the social group between 45 and 64 years of age. Adolescent groups have expectedly lower suicide rates than middle-aged and adults. In 2016, adolescents from 15 to 24 years have demonstarted the suicide rate of 11.6%.

Suicide Methods

In 2016, firearms remained the most prevalent method of suicidal death, considering a half of all suicide cases. To be precise, it has a 49.9% rate among the suicide ways. The second frequent method was suffocation. This method is characterised by 26.7% rate while poisoning reaches the level of 15.9% of all the occasions.

Costs and Impact on Society

Suicides cost society over $44.6 billion a year. These costs combine both medical and labor spendings. The average suicide takes $1,164,499 for government and community to lose from the budget. In particular, the preventive programs and the rehabilitation practices are the main sources the finance is distributed to solve the issue.

Suicide Attempts

There is no available report of suicide attempts in the U.S. Nevertheless, the CDC collects information from hospitals on the non-fatal incidents from self-harm. In this light, 494 169 people addressed a hospital for wounds due to self-violence. The problem here is that the process of gathering data remains imperfect. Specialists are not able to distinguish the intended suicide attempts from the non-intentional self-harm. Several suicides attempts remain unreported or untreated. Surveys confirm one million people in the U.S. engage in the purposely inflicted self-harm. Females commit suicide three times frequently than males. Besides, rates of attempted suicide differ considerably in range among demographic groups. The rate of suicide attempts in adolescence is about 25:1, compared to 4:1 in the elderly.

Hence, statistics have a significance to understand the rates and the future tendency of suicides. There is no doubt that suicide is a global issue in all countries of the world as it is a leading cause of death alongside with cancer and heart disease. From this perspective, it seems vital to develop effective preventive approaches that will reduce the occurence of suicide worldwide. Likewise, some practical and evidence-based interventions are to be implemented to educate the general public about suicide and the methods to prevent it.

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