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Case Study on Recruitment

A case study on recruitment can serve as a useful source of applicable informations for those entrepreneurs, who are concerned about the efficiency of their recruitment methods and consequent employee satisfaction. The following paper presents an example of recruitment case study and includes background information, problem statement, implementation of a new solution and the outcome.

job recruitmentLuminal is one of the leading cosmetic retail brands on the global market, and it has been maintaining this position for over half a century. It offers a wide selection of male and female beauty products, including personal hygiene products, bath goodies and decorative cosmetics. Luminal has collaborated with the world’s leading singers and actresses, such as Jessica Locrez and Penelopa Cues, involving them in Luminal’s advertisement campaigns.

For a while, the company has been using traditional methods of targeting employees. However, with the advance of media technologies in general and the Internet in particular, sticking to the old-fashioned routine of announcing vacancies and stocking on CV’s left them at risk of staying behind their competitors in talent hunting. Although this might not sound like a considerable risk, one should not underestimate its long-term effects: failing to target and hire the best professionals on the market in the swiftest way possible will diminish the whole team’s professional level in the end.
Luminel pursued talent hunting through social media. Currently, they have several Facebook pages. Apart from their official Facebook page, they have Luminel Friends page for their small-stock clients and Join Luminel! Page. Join Luminel! gives regular updates on the openings and enables HR managers to look through Facebook profiles of the applicants and contact those potential candidates, who have not applied, but whose experience listed on their Facebook pages fit the criteria for Luminel openings. Also, Luminel offered small gifts and bonuses for those users, who shared their updates and advertisements on their personal Facebook pages. This way the company managed to reach out to the global audience working in different professional areas.

Recruitment procedures had to undergo significant changes. Implementation of social media meant that, instead of pursuing a “reactive” model, the company had to switch to a “proactive” model. Instead of merely processing the incoming applications for any position, Luminel’s recruiters choose to plan ahead an act ahead. They use Facebook to target the candidates and send them invitations to apply for the position without waiting for the news about the opening to reach them first.

A timely reorganization of recruitment process resulted in a smooth transition from one model to another without any losses in income and team professionalism. For now, Luminel remains of the leaders on the cosmetic retail market. Their biggest competitive advantage lies in budget make-up sector due to their unique ability to balance the price and quality of their products. It would be reasonable to claim that this kind of success would be impossible without the involvement of a huge team of young and ambitious professionals. Considering the success of Facebook Join Luminel! project, the company plans on expanding to the rest of the famous social platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter and MySpace.


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