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Essay: What are the Causes of Cold War?

cold war essayThe causes that led to the beginning of Cold War are a pretty debatable issue. Taking into consideration the fact that Cold War doubles as the conflict, which covers two lands (the USSR and the USA) and two ideologies (Communism and Capitalism), one may point out top four reasons behind the Cold War.

Communism and Capitalism are two antithetical ideologies. For that reason one may state that this War started in 1917, when the Communism was born. Or, as an alternative, in 1920, when Vladimir Lenin hand-in-hand with Bol’sheviks gained the power over Russia and made an effort to spread out communism all over the West.

One of the most commonly argued causes of the War is the beginning of the WWII on the European continent in 1939. The USSR, being under the Stalin’s dictatorship, signed a secret pact with Adolf Hitler. In September they both attacked Poland. Later United States tried to get back at them for it.

Together with that, the number one cause was actually the end of the WWII. In 1945, Stalin (dealing with Hitler’s betrayal) finished the war, but at the same time the tension between the USSR and the West was more than just obvious. The USSR basically ate the East of Europe (and actually a part of Germany). This made Britain and the USA hesitant. While the British side was afraid of the USSR presence on the territory of Europe, the USA wanted to see Germany free and open for their products. The soviet power was an obstacle for both.

At the very end, the last cause for the Cold War was the time when the USSR acquired the knowledge to produce nuclear weapon. Taking into account the fact that the War was tightly linked to the nuclear technology, some historians are still sure that the Cold War was caused by the USSR challenge to the USA nuclear power that was shown at the end of the WWII at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

To my humble opinion, the most important thing to remember when pondering over the causes behind the Cold War is the most definite cause. It was the conflict of an ideological nature that started during the WWI and was taken through many years later. In the other words, the most important thing to keep in mind is not which cause to select, but how well you can debate over the one you give preference to.

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