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Essay: Analysis of “The Great Gatsby” Plot

great gatsby essayJust as the majority of works of literature, “The Great Gatsby” consists of several key sections, which are the following: the initial point, the conflict situation, complication of the plot, climax, suspense and the end. Let’s have a quick look at all of them.


The Initial Situation

Nick Carraway (the one who is our narrator) gets back from the WWI and makes a decision to rent a house in the small town West Egg, which is located on the Long Island. Guess, who precisely turns out to be his neighbors living across the bay? Cousin Daisy and her husband Tom. Jay Gatsby that Nick is living next door to is a newcomer in the town, who has a tough wallet and throws the biggest parties every week. While having fun at Gatsby’s house, the guests never miss a chance to snub him for how rich he is, while drinking his booze. Do you think it’s a good background for the conflict? You’re right.



Maybe you can call me?

Gatsby is longing for something he cannot reach to: Daisy and the upper class of the USA. Tom is also willing to have something he can’t have: a wife and a lover, both of whom do not know about each other. Nick desires something that he is 100% not going to get: make every crazy individual he knows less crazy.



Jay Gatsby, here goes James Gatz!

Tom Buchanan dislikes Gatsby the very moment they meet, even before he gets to know of why and how is Daisy weeping over amazing Gatsby’s shirts. He performs a thorough investigation over Gatsby’s life. It turns out that this “newbie” is James Gatz, a poor man who had succeeded to earn everything he has from bootlegging liquor and gambling.



The Love Triangle

Gatsby and Tom definitely have a tense. At the same time, they realize who gets an opportunity to take control over Daisy. And oh-my-God, Tom is the winner! He decides to seal the victory by letting them to go home together. But on their way back, Tom and Nick, who drive in same car, find out that Myrtle (Tom’s lover) died because she was knocked by a speeding yellow car, in which, according to its description, were Daisy and Gatsby. It seems that a light-speed rise to the top may come along with the casualties.



When Everything Goes Wrong

Gatsby spends every night simply watching the house of Daisy. He’s worried that Tom may hurt her in some way. Personally I am not ready to judge or blame Tom: he broke the nose of his lover just for saying the name of his beloved one. What will happen to our fearless anti-hero?


Wrapping up

When the story is over

Tom and Daisy run away. Jordan and Nick break up. Gatsby followed the light. What you end with is the dismal funeral of the protagonist. Among those who come to say goodbye to Gatsby one may see his father, Nick and a stranger with owl eyes who’s been amazed by the books of Gatsby. This is when Nick makes his conclusive statement: “we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”.

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