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How to Compare Hinduism and Buddhism within an Essay?

how to write a comparison essayIn order to create the best quality Buddhism and Hinduism comparison essay, you have to first of all give preference to the right format for the comparison you’re going to make. By creating a solid outline for the essay and exerting every effort during the preceding brainstorm, you have an opportunity to amaze your college tutor and get an “A”.

To be pretty simple, the comparison essay is based on stating differences and similarities of the subjects, in our case the thing is about two world religions – Hinduism and Buddhism.

Start with building up a simple chart involving two columns, each labeled with the points you’re going to describe and compare. Make sure to include as many facts into each column as possible. For instance, first and foremost difference one can see in the practice and principles of Buddhism and Hinduism lies in the following – while Buddhism was founded by a real person (Buddha), Hinduism creation never involved any particular prophet. One more example. Make sure you state that Buddhism doesn’t believe in the soul’s existence as well as in the primary supernatural power, whom we tend to call God. To compare it with Hinduism, one should mention that the representatives of this religion believe in “Atman” – the Supreme Creator, as well as the individual soul.

Following the method described above, compare every item with the subject placed in the opposite column. In case they have something in common, make sure to combine these points into a single section. For instance, both religions truly believe in the concepts of souls’ transmigration, karma and the cycle of many births and deaths for every human being. To add more, both of them promote non-violent attitude towards every living being. And finally, Buddhism as well as Hinduism believes in the existence of several heavens and hells and the life in the lower worlds. The list of similarities can be endless, just make sure to conduct a thorough research!

Count the number of the items’ differences versus similarities in the created list when you’re done. Decide whether there are more differences/similarities. For example, the differences between Hinduism and Buddhism will be much more numerous, whereas the similarities are few and far between. Create your project on the basis of the research you have done. It is recommended to focus every paragraph on certain features of both religions. For example, the first paragraph may be written about their origins, then further supported by the basic beliefs Buddhism and Hinduism involve.

An opening paragraph (introduction) is what you must start with. You might want to begin your essay with a hooking starting line, maybe some quote Buddha’s teachings, then move to clearly and simply explaining what you will compare within the project assigned to you. Make sure you say whether the similarities and differences between the two items compared within the essay are small or large (depending in what you’ve succeeded to learn in the process of research) in order to prepare your reader to the results of your work. Write the body of the paper consulting the outline you’ve created. Do not forget to place reasonable details and examples that back up your thoughts about both items. Conclude your essay when necessary and re-state the point you have put within the introductive section. All in all, you have to clearly say whether Hinduism and Buddhism are overall very different or pretty similar with some small differences.

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