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Informal Essay about Love. How to Treat the Tricky Issue?

how to write an informal essayLove is… Everyone around would probably come up with his own understanding of the most serious emotion human beings face every day. Love is an infinite and mysterious universe that, to many, definitely proves worthy of being investigated and admired. If you’re given the task to write a high quality informal essay on love and all its issues, there’s no need to be well-experienced in love affairs. Whether you’re a technological era Romeo or an absolutely skeptical individual, you still have something to say about love. By completing an informal essay, you have an opportunity to share your ideas and thoughts with everyone else, feed your supporters with something new to think about or challenge your opponents to a word duel. Moreover, an informal essay on a tricky issue is your chance to encourage your readers to think similarly to you regarding the topic. By writing your own paper on love you get an opportunity to potentially craft a universally applicable and powerful writing masterpiece.

Level 1 – Prewriting

It’s time to gather up your ideas. As you can see, you’re assigned with the task to deal with a pretty broad topic, which means that prewriting is more than necessary! Create a middle-size web and make sure to place the “love” term right in the very center of the page. Now draw the lines off of it and simply write everything that appears in your mind.

Level 2 – Determining

First of all you must decide what type of love you would like to investigate. Make sure to look through your prewriting and carefully highlight all the points you wish to include into your essay. In order to turn your paper into a more cohesive piece of writing, and effectively narrow down your essay topic, it is recommended to pick only one type of love, for instance, familial or friendship love, on which you will focus later.

Level 3 – Overall Message

Take a closer look at your prewriting in order to develop the overall statement you would like to make on the issue. Perhaps you can refer to your personal experience from the past days and say that love is a mess or, instead, describe love between caring parents and kids that will get through all the obstacles life can place in their way. Make certain to link every essay element to this particular idea.

Level 4 – Arguments in Favor of Your Overall Message

Next step is to find a number of solid proofs of your essay overall message. Provide a short list of four or five elements that can prove the truth of your statement. Pick these points from the essay prewriting or make sure to brainstorm some more arguments that are adequately broad.

Level 5 – Personalization

Your college tutor would be glad to receive a personal essay that is not fake but based on real-life experiences regarding love. Provide personal anecdotes within the essay support section. For instance, if one of your arguments is related to the fact that moms and dads would give up everything for their kids, and you’ve got through the very same situation in your life – this personal story would 100% fit your assignment.

Level 6 – Conclusion

When you finally get to the conclusive section of your essay, make sure to sum up everything mentioned above to prove that all your arguments are well-founded.

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