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Tips on Writing an Expository Essay on Science and Technology

science and technology essayAn expository essay on technology and science is all about explanation of a particular matter by means of factual data, concise and clear ideas. Towards the last sentence of the paper, you, as the author, are supposed to be able to provide an argument based on the facts given within the body of the essay. Here are some tips for you to rely on in the process of writing.

Step 1. Focus on the main topic

Easy enough, but in case of science and technology topic, you will have to narrow it down for it is too general and has already been discussed countless times. Choose the narrower theme to study. Make sure to work with something that can grasp the reader’s attention and can be backed by a lot of info at the same time. Try to ponder over whether the modern technology always makes the humankind life better? Or find out whether the 21st century individual relies too much on the science and technology.

Step 2. Collect info related to the chosen topic

Gather all the facts relevant to the essay topic from the newspapers, books, journals and Internet pages. Information may include research findings, historical facts and statistical data. For those who decide to write about the world of digital information and prefer statistics, make sure to mention that the amount of info created and then shared in five years (by the end of 2011) increased nine-fold to two zettabytes! Moreover, by 2015, digital info creation and spreading will quadruple. Sounds impressive!

Step 3. Develop the thesis statement within the introductive section

It’s up to you to choose whether you provide your thesis statement within the last or the first sentence of the paper. In case you put it down within the first essay sentence, make certain to provide enough supporting material. On the other hand, once you place it at the end of the essay, get sure the sentences that go previously are built in a logical way right until your last sentence.

Step 4. Share out your facts in the essay body

It doesn’t matter how many paragraphs will be there in your essay – you should make sure to provide each key idea within a separate paragraph. Do not forget to support every single word with relevant figures and facts. For instance, the topic of your preference is about Internet technologies popularity all over the globe. Make sure to say that the country with fastest-growing number of Internet users is now (wow!) Iran. During the previous year the amount of web population has increased by almost 200%.

Step 5. Finish up

Assess the expository essay topic in the brightest light of the provided evidence. Remember, here you’ve got your last opportunity to establish the basic argument you’ve dig out of all the facts covered within the body of the paper. Make sure all your ideas are easily understandable and backed by solid facts – the last sentence is about as important as the first one.

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