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Shall You Reveal All Your Fears in a Personal Essay on Fear?

how to write an essay on fearFirst thing for you to remember – you do not have to share your personal experiences with the whole world. Still, in case you’ve got a lot to say on what you’re afraid of the most – the doors are open, let the words flow!

We’re here to provide you with some “food” you can actually include in the essay “menu” in the process of writing on fears.

Do you know the four key facts about fear? Make sure to describe them on the pages of your assignment. Moreover, if you take a look at some essays samples available online, you will find out that a lot of people paid attention to these fundamental points within their projects. Thus, in order to stay creative and make your assignment as original and unique as possible, make certain to mention these facts about fear!

Fear & future

It is a well-known fact that people are afraid of what is going to happen someday. Do you have something to say about what you fear in your upcoming life? For instance, there are some individuals who are pretty scared to pick up a phone or walk the street they have never walked before. The thing is that the majority of them are shy to share their feelings because they think that someone may find it silly or even ridiculous. Write about what makes you tremble when it comes to future plans and experiences.

Fear & emotions

While some people tend to believe that fear is no more than just an emotion, the others are 100% that it’s a real disease! Have you ever thought that people can even die just because of fear? Can you agree/disagree with that? It’s no doubt that fear is more than “just an emotion” for it can kill you.

Fear & loss

Someone will say that all our fears have something to do with loss. Every one of us is afraid to lose people that are dear to our hearts, or to lose love, hope, work, inspiration, etc. Let your reader know whether you’re (un)certain about the fact that fear is mostly based on loss.

Fear & desire

All our fears come out only when there is a conflict between what might happen and what you wish. We’re human beings and we tend to build up plans and expectations in our everyday lives. We picture the life we want to live and how everything should go on and THAT creates a solid foundation for our fears. If you happen to be flexible enough, you can survive this storm and all fears will dissolve! End up your essay with the logical conclusion, saying that all the monsters living under our beds are easily beaten!

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