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Drug Cartel Definition through the Descriptive Essay

essay on drugsDescriptive essay is usually used to provide your readers with a clear understanding of a particular thing, object or an experience you have gone through in your life. When you’re assigned with a task to work on a topic related to drug cartels, the number one recommendation will be to start your project with a detailed and logical drug cartel definition. Think about the impression you want to put into words to interest your reader. It should leave your audience with a clear image or a certain feeling about the topic you present.

It is recommended to create a list of specific examples related to the drug cartel topic. Brainstorm as much as possible about the problem you’re discussing. What stands behind the term “drug cartel”? When was the term coined? What are the most important and most well-known drug cartels in the modern world? What we the reasons for their appearance and development? What are your personal viewpoints and emotions when you think about the issue? Make sure to write down everything you know about the problem of drug cartels and exert every effort to leave your readers with understanding of how important the issue is.

Ponder over the order in which you plan to present your information. Might there be an interesting description for a particular situation that took place in the past and was on news? Are you going to describe drug cartels in general or perhaps you’d like to concentrate on a particular country? As an example, one can investigate the basic drug cartel structure in Mexico. Drug lords, Hitmen, Falcons and Lieutenants – provide a detailed description to each of the operating groups and draft your essay on the basis of the provided information. Be as specific as you can, but do not overload your paper with too many useless details.

Once you’re ready with a rough draft, make sure you have logical links (connecting sentences) between all the essay paragraphs.

If you’re not ready with the thesis statement yet, you’re supposed to generate one the very moment you’re done with the rough draft. Take a look at a general picture you have “painted’ and think about what kind of sentence could serve as the best description for it. Provide the thesis statement within the introductive paragraph and make sure to revise it in the ending sentences of your assignment.

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