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Interesting Ideas on How to Deal with a Descriptive Essay on Tornadoes

essay on tornadoesTornado is one of the most destructive natural disasters and comes in different shapes and sizes, such as wedges and cones. When being assigned with the task to complete a descriptive essay on tornadoes, remember that you can choose from a great variety of topics. These involve many kinds of tornadoes, their history and areas of appearance. Which topic to give preference to?

Tornado Types

As it was said before, tornadoes vary in shapes and sizes. Generally they look like a funnel-shaped wind, but some have cone, wedge, cylindrical and ropelike shapes. Make sure to mention that tornadoes usually sweep up various materials, such as water or dust and tend to occur in many different locations. In your descriptive essay, you can provide detailed descriptions for various tornado types along with typical areas where these columns of air tend to form. In order to narrow down the scope of the essay, feel free to select two or three types of tornadoes and concentrate on them.

Area History

If you happen to live in an area where tornadoes seem to be regular guests you have an opportunity to provide a descriptive essay on the types of disasters that have occurred only in your area. If you have never faced tornadoes, make sure to find an area where people are familiar with them and research it. Provide a thorough description of what weather patterns were observed before the tragedy; discuss the dates and, of course, the results of catastrophic “cyclone”. This type of information can be found in old newspapers, local weather records, etc.

Tornado World Records

Conduct a research on tornado records, such as the longest-lasting or the most destructive tornado in the known history. For instance, you may research tornadoes that have been formed during the biggest hurricanes, such as Katrina, Ivan or Rita. How about the largest tornadoes? Or the ones that occurred in tandem with unusual natural conditions, such as huge tropical storms.

Destructions Caused by Tornadoes All Over the Globe

It’s not a secret that destruction caused even by a single tornado can lead to a great deal of unpredictable damage. Feel free to dedicate your description essay to the amount of damage that this natural disaster can bring to humankind. Make sure to include data about the organizations from all parts of the globe that lend a helping hand for those who have suffered from tornadoes. Describe in what way you can keep yourself and people you love safe when a tornado is coming your way.

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