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You Know You’re An ESL Student When….

English as a Second Language (ESL) training programs provide a fun yet comprehensive way of learning English. Previously, the programs were offered by major universities and colleges only, but thanks to their usefulness, they can now be accessed via various media. ESL has become a hit due to using modern and interactive methods of teaching.

ESL is offered to students regardless of their nationalities. Though, obviously, the common denominator amongst all of them is that English is not their first language. In fact, there are many! If you are an ESL student, you already know what I’m talking about!

esl student is learning English

Sweaty Palms, Shaky Hands!

Remember when you wanted to say so many things but were shy due to not being fluent in English? You were always sure you’re going to ace the program, but forgot how to talk when asked a simple question? Now you must be looking at it in retrospect and laughing, right?

Well, thanks to the well-designed ESL programs, you can now converse and even beat native English speakers!

OMG! I Can Never Assimilate With These People!

No, don’t be embarrassed about it. You always found those people weird and eccentric you probably are really good friends with. Call it culture shock or whatever; this is the most likely reaction of having to interact with people with so many nationalities.

The ultimate aim of such programs isn’t to enhance your learning abilities, but also give an experience, which you’d remember all your life.

Learning Slangs From Your Classmates

Chuckling, are you? We’d probably never understand black holes, or why everyone is so interested in learning funny terms and slangs of other languages. While your teacher was working so hard to make you learn English, you were more interested in learning those cool terms from “gangsta” rap. You also did everything you could to learn exciting terms from your diverse classmates.

The Motivation Energy Drink

We’re not being literal, obviously. We’re talking about the build-up of motivation and enthusiasm, not just for your course, but everything in general, as you spend more time with your ESL teacher. Sure, you would have been enthusiastic about a whole bunch of things, but the ESL course is designed in a way which encourages you to go beyond defined limits and attempt everything with zest.

Terrible at Time Management: Not Anymore!

One of the most important abilities you take home after enrolling in and ESL course is effective time management skills. Yes, we know the importance of proper time management is so oft-repeated, it starts sounding boring to young people, but it’s only when you really master the art at your ESL training you realize what it takes.

You Think Out Of The Box

An important part of the ESL training is to provide students with the liberty to express their personal ideas without any restriction. We have all had pretty bad experiences when it comes to writing the answer that you think is appropriate, instead of blindly copy-and-pasting stuff from the course book. It’s when you are enrolled in ESL, you know the true meaning of thinking out of the box.

Whether you are currently enrolled in an ESL training program, or you’re alumni, be proud of yourself for being the unique one in the crowd!

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