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The Realities of Managing Employment and Studies Simultaneously

There are always those who don’t believe in settling for less. They are ambitious, level-headed, and have enormous confidence in themselves. If you are studying alongside a hectic job, congratulate yourself on being one such diligent individual. But of course, there’s more to than just celebration yourself as a hero.

work and study

The reality of managing your vocation and studies is, unfortunately, not too rosy. For grad students, it’s all the more complicated. It’s not that it is entirely impossible to have a successful formula for managing work and studies side by side, but it can prove to be really hectic for even the most hardworking of the lot.


Be Clear about The Challenges, But Don’t Get Bogged Down!

We still agree with all those people for whom settling for less is no option. The only important thing to remember is to be clear about why you are doing the two side by side. Do you want to pay for your tuition fee? Do you want extra income for partying? Well, both are valid! It’s just that you got to be clear in your head about why you want to work so hard.

This ensures that you get the motivation and optimism you’d need whenever you feel fatigued.


Let’s Get Specific

Your university education is called “full-time” for a reason. The full-time study program is a comprehensive and structured activity, which you can only manage with your everyday obligations.

Trying to manage both of them can adversely affect various aspects of your life, not to mention very little time for pursuing romantic interests.


Deadlines May Coincide

More often than not, it so happens that you have to submit a school assignment the same day you have to prepare a report for a potential client of your company. Can it get worse? Apparently, yes. What if that important international conference and a chance for you to meet with investors and grow your career prospects, falls between your final exams? That’s life.


Many A Time, Small Is Evil

A lot of times, it’s not actually big, complicated projects and such chores which make your life so challenging, but the combined effect of the small obligations. How many times have you taken a sigh of relief that your 100-page report is finally complete at 3am, only to realize that you forgot to add a bibliography at the end? Suddenly it seems like a huge task, right?

That’s what happens with everyday chores if you study and work simultaneously.


You Can Conquer The Moon!

Don’t be disheartened already! If you plan properly, you can achieve things your friends and family were sure you never would. Here is how to manage work and studies.

1. Obtain A Suitable Course Schedule

Go for part-time study or full-time study with the course program designed in a way, which would let you pursue to your career in a better way.

2. Find A Support Group

Talking to people with the same issues helps a lot. Look for groups and communities consisting of folks who study, work (and party) simultaneously.

Managing work, career and personal life is not doubt a Herculean task, but when you’d be over with the difficult days, look at all the personal and professional achievements you garnered, you’d be really proud of yourself. And that’s what matters!

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