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18 Tips to Work with an Essay Draft

essay draft

Working with drafts can be a bit hard but it is definitely not impossible. Here are a few tips that will help you get started on using this draft and turning it into a masterpiece:


1. Make Your First Draft

The first drafts are your essay’s spine. Just like humans need their spine to do anything, your first draft will guide you till your last draft. First draft layout is very important.


2. Organize Ideas

If I were writing an essay on a city, I would first gather all the information I could on a piece of paper before getting to work. I would start off by taking notes of when the city was created, important history facts, tourist sites, etc.


3. Brainstorm

Check all of the information you had written down, keep the following questions in mind.

  • Is my information relevant?
  • Have I met all requirements?
  • Are there any mistakes?


4. Essay Body

A good essay needs a dynamic introduction, properly constructed body, and a conclusion that sums it all up. Take a look at what you have and use it as best as you can.


5. Draft Number Two

After you have brainstormed all your ideas onto draft one, it’s time to make draft two. Draft two will be your guideline to creating the final draft.


6. Outline

The outline should include:

  • an introduction prior to the topic
  • proper paragraphs properly constructed
  • relevant examples to help support your work


7. Play Doctor

Examine your work and check if you’re meeting all the requirements. Ensure all your work is well organized. If the information you provide is not laid out in the proper manner, the reader will have a difficult time reading and might as well become very confused.


8. Usage

Make sure all words have been spelt correctly using ideal fonts and try to avoid repeating yourself as much as possible.


9. Be Original

Be yourself; there is no need to copy someone else’s work. You, yourself, are very unique and you can produce better.


10. Proofread Your Work

Make sure to go over your work thoroughly; there may be mistakes you may have overlooked or you may come across new ones.


11. Double Proofread It

Have a peer or family member go through your work one more time just in case. As they say “Better safe than sorry”.


12. Know Your Essay

Make sure you know what kind of essay you are writing, i.e. persuasive, argumentative, etc.


13. Get it Down

So now that you have all your work written in your draft just as you like it, it’s time to get down to the final draft. While writing, keep an eye out for common mistakes.


14. Time Management

Managing time is one of the most important yet hardest tasks while writing an essay; make sure to submit all your work on time.


15. Punctuations

Make sure you have all your commas, periods, colons, and semi colons in place.


16. Grammar

While writing, be sure to use the same tense you started with.


17. Go With the Flow

Make sure all of your work makes sense. Remember, just because it makes sense to you doesn’t mean it makes sense to others as well.


18. Research

Do your homework; do not just look at one reference, play around a bit.

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