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How to Make Your Essay More Readable

readable essay writingWhile writing essays, many writers tend to use simple techniques to help them explain their topic to their audience. Sometimes, writers use simple techniques like inserting humorous phrases or sometimes they use emotional connectivity. The following techniques will help you create that bond with your audience.



Alliteration is the repetition of sounds. It is mainly used to link two ideas together while captivating the reader. This technique is mostly used in poetry, e.g. The waves washed wistfully against the shores. In this example notice how waves, washed, and wistfully start with the sounds of W. This keeps the reader interested in your writing.



Assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds, and it does not need to be in the end of a sentence of a paragraph. Assonance also links two ideas together, and is commonly used in poetry, e.g. The man with the tan was the meanest in the land. Notice how tan, man, and land rhyme, they also have the vowel A in them.



Onomatopoeia is the description of sounds. Often writers use sound descriptions to help the reader know what is going around, e.g. suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Knock Knock. These sounds can also include animal sounds or description of sounds as well, e.g. She had wacked the ball very hard. The word, wacked, is also a sound description.


Emotive Language

Emotive words are used to refer to something or to create a relation. Writers use emotive language to create a sense of empathy amongst the readers, to keep them very much intact. Writers want their readers to understand and feel the emotions of another person, e.g. I was very happy when she showed up at my door. The word happy describes the emotions of the character, sometimes involving tragedy into your work can make the reader cry.


Colloquial Language

Colloquial language is the friendly language. This type of language is commonly used amongst friends. Writers often use this technique to show the relationship between two or more characters and keep a sense of friendship with the reader as well, e.g. Ain’t that strange? The proper way of saying would be, “Isn’t that strange?” But friends use this language to have a healthy communication.



Slang is the language of the new generation. Often, writers use slang terminology to connect with the younger generation readers, e.g. waddup dude, how ya doin? These words may not be understood by all audiences, so make sure to know your readers before you decide to use this type of language. It is very important to stay formal in your academic writings, so avoid slang in your official and academic projects.



Jargon words are specific words only a certain type of people can understand. Think of it this way, while writing an essay on a bank, you are more likely to use specific terms, but most of the time a lot of the readers may not know what that term means as they may have no experience with that term, e.g. ROI and USPs. These are common terms used by business people everyday but other people may know what they are.



Clichés are often used by writers as well. They are recognizable words and phrases, and can have their impact, e.g. Easy as 1, 2, 3. Writers tend to use this to explain to the audience how easy something was or how difficult.


Rhetorical Questions

Mostly used in speeches, and sometimes in writing, rhetorical questions are questions, which are not really meant to be answered. These are questions, which get your readers to think. These questions are used to make or prove a point, e.g. How can I live with this guilt?

Many writers use these techniques to help readers understand their point. These techniques help give a better and wider visual to the reader. While writing your essays, you can also use these techniques to help prove your point to the reader, and at the same time, these techniques make your work a bit more fun and interesting. You can add an unexpected twist to your story, use some unique phrases, and create a bond of your own with the audience.

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