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How to Compose an Essay on Alzheimer’s Disease

alzheimer's disease essayAlzheimer’s disease is quite a sensitive topic, and it is only natural that it is rarely used as a basis for the essay types that presuppose any kind of evaluation. That is why, if this topic is raised altogether, it is usually used as one of expository essay topics. The specific feature of this kind of essay is that you are supposed only to explore the topic, study the facts and statistics surrounding it, without evaluating anything. In other words, you carry out an investigation, without trying to prove or disprove anything. The approaches to writing essays of this kind are numerous – you are free to use the one that is the most suitable in your case. You may simply define the Alzheimer’s disease and tell about its history; you may base your essay around a particular case of this illness (for example, take some famous person who is or was known to suffer from it); you may approach it in terms of comparison (for example, compare Alzheimer’s disease with other afflictions, which may be similar for a layman but in fact are deeply different); or use cause and effect approach, telling the reader what are the reasons for the disease to appear, what makes its development faster and what, on the contrary, slows it down.

Tips on Writing an Expository Essay about Alzheimer’s Disease

All essays of this type are characterized by a number of definitive features and, to a quite noticeable extent, if your essay has all of them, you are probably doing alright. The most important of them is that you should have a very definite thesis statement, which is presented in the first paragraph, so that the reader is well aware of what he is going to read – that it is an essay on Alzheimer’s disease exploring a particular aspect of this topic. Don’t forget that you should narrow the topic down – in other words, you are expected to give a detailed report on something in as few words as possible. That is why you should be concise and up to the point – don’t waste words on unimportant aspects.

Other Characteristic Features of an Expository Essay

Yes, Alzheimer’s disease is a complex and difficult topic to write on, but sticking to the rules will make the task much easier. It may stand out from other typical expository essay topics, but the approach to writing is the same: single out all the important aspects of the topic and explore them one by one, connecting the parts of the essay, dealing with each of them in a logical and easily understandable manner. In addition to that, in expository writing you cannot do anything without presenting evidence: facts, statistics, examples and so on. You shouldn’t write something based on your beliefs only or hearsay. If you can’t support your essay with solid facts, you will not get a good mark for it. Nevertheless, don’t forget that you are not writing an official report after all. A touch of creativity wouldn’t hurt.

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