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Having Problems Writing an Essay on Mobile Phones?

mobile phones essayMobile phone is certainly one of the ubiquitous symbols of modern life. It is hard to imagine a person (from any walk of life) who doesn’t have one. A dozen years ago they were a prerogative of businessmen who had to move about a lot and needed to be in touch with their partners at any time of night and day. Now everyone has them: from schoolchildren to seniors and from janitors to CEO of transnational corporations. And it is only natural that such an important aspect of our life is often mentioned in argumentative essay topics. Some people believe that mobile phones cause cancer and should be banned. Others may not believe in such direct harm to people’s health but mourn the fact that their usage takes warmth and humanity from the act of communication. Somebody else may be outraged by the dishonest business practices of mobile operators, and so on and so forth. So, if you have to write about mobile phones but are not given a particular topic, don’t try to cover all the aspects of the issue in one piece of writing – you have to choose one point which speaks to you most.

How to Approach an Argumentative Essay about Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are probably among the easier topics for argumentative essays. Why? Because this topic is close and clear for most people, and it is much easier to write about something you know and care about than about some obscure topic you have first heard about when your tutor was giving you the task. An argumentative essay presupposes that you express and support your own opinion – in such a situation personal involvement is a kind of additional bonus. If you are interested in a topic, even a little bit, you will produce a better essay than if you write about something you don’t care about, even if you have thoroughly prepared for the task and read a bunch of scholarly articles on the topic.

Writing Your Own Essay on Mobile Phones

Remember that although you are supposed to present your own argument in your essay, it doesn’t mean that you should simply express your opinion. The very idea of argumentative essays is that you should have an opinion and the ability to support it – no matter how strongly you believe in something, if you fail to gather the information in favor of your ideas, your essay will be found wanting. If you are free to choose from a number of argumentative essay topics about mobile phones, try to choose the one you already know something about, so that you don’t have to do extra research. And you will have to do a lot of research – although some people believe that expository and argumentative essays are almost the same thing, it is not true. For argumentative writing you will need much greater amount of preliminary research – after all, you don’t have to study just the topic in question, you have to form your own opinion and gather the facts in its support as well.

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