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How to Write a Persuasive Essay Quickly and Easily

persuasive essay on drugsThe idea of an argumentative essay is quite simple – you have to utilize all the resources at your disposal to persuade the reader that your point of view on a certain topic is correct, logical and more acceptable than any other opinion or a whole range of opinions. Under ‘resources’ you should understand, well, anything that makes your point of view look more viable: logical arguments, facts and their interpretation, examples from history, statistical data, opinions of experts in the given field and so on and so forth. In other words, to write a persuasive essay you have to know the topic, have a strongly defined opinion on it and be able not only to defend your beliefs in discussion, but also to persuade the reader. It is not as simple as it may sound – some things are too obvious and natural for us to really bend our minds around the concept that somebody else could have all the same data to begin with and come to different conclusions. The very fact of this obviousness makes the process of persuading somebody else all the more complicated. You should always base your writing on the assumption that the reader is probably as set in his ways as you are in yours.

Sensitive Topics: Writing an Essay on Drugs

Before trying to write such an essay on your own it might be a wise idea to spend some time studying the samples of work done by other people. Although practice makes perfect, studying a little bit of theory won’t hurt, too. So, find a reliable service and read a couple of persuasive essay examples, either on the same topic you have to write or about something entirely else. From them you will be able to learn the basic layout of such piece of writing – and when you start writing on your own you will be able to follow the same principles.

How to Write a Good Essay on Drugs

If you have to write about drugs, you have to tread lightly – this topic is often considered to be sensitive and some things you may write might be considered to be in poor taste by your tutor. However, this topic still allows remarkable flexibility – you are free to approach it from any direction as long as you stay civil. Of course, you have to found your essay on what you actually believe – and when it comes to n issue that is raised so often, there is no lack of points of view and proofs of their viability. It would be also nice to read several persuasive essay examples on the same topic, to see how other people deal with it. As for the approach itself, choose anything you like: criticize the war on drugs as an ineffective measure that only makes the international drug cartels stronger, or offer your own ideas about how drugs should be treated in modern society, or write something completely different.

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