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5 Sources to Get the Latest Essay Topics for Your College Papers in Different Fields

Arguably, one of the most difficult aspects of writing a college paper isn’t the writing of the paper itself, but figuring out what you are going to write about. It’s tough enough to conduct the actual research and writing as well as to come up with an original, groundbreaking topic, too. Luckily, there is a myriad of resources you can reach out to when formulating the best topic for your next college paper.

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1. News

The news is a great place to come up with good college paper topics. They typically have the best ideas for the latest essay topics, giving you a solid base of information upon which to formulate a research question. News articles or broadcasts typically cover only the most recent events, so you know your topic will be relevant and on-point. Consider reading online or print news articles, watching televised news, or even listening to radio broadcasts from a variety of news outlets.

2. Friends

Bounce your ideas off your friends, or just sit and listen to them. Your friends will be a great source of information for a young audience. Ask them what issues worry them most, and how those issues can be addressed. They may come up with brand new ideas that have never before crossed your mind.

3. Family Members

Like friends, your family members could provide some great ideas for your next college paper. Unlike your friends, your family members will likely represent a wide variety of age ranges, and as a result, may have differing viewpoints or life experiences that could be useful for a college paper. Interview older family members about historical events, or younger family members about generational differences. You won’t regret the small amount of extra work that will go into creating one of these dynamic college paper topics.

4. Personal Experiences

This tip is one with multiple opportunities for exploration. When asked to write a paper based on your own experiences, you might have a hard time recollecting your most influential experiences. However, take some time to sit down and brainstorm. If you like to doodle, sketch out your ideas and see where the images take you. Perhaps you like to be outdoors. Go for an outdoor run, and let the fresh air make some ideas loose. If that doesn’t work, make do with what you have. Look through old pictures, letters, or books, or listen to favorite songs. Sure enough, some memories of personal experiences–and excellent essay topics to go along with those experiences–will soon come to your mind.

5. Web Databases

If all else fails, turn to the trusty old Internet. There are countless websites available that can help you come up with relevant, catchy college paper topics. Check out PRoCon.org for polarizing paper topics in a variety of spheres.

Still stuck? Consider taking a break from your paper. Work on something else for a while, or go for a walk. Chances are, once you quit perseverating over your research topic, a fabulous idea will just miraculously come to you. Try sitting down and writing whatever comes to your mind–just let the ideas flow! Sure enough, through a combination of these tips and through harnessing the power of your own creative juices, you’ll create a college paper topic that will leave your professors swooning.

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