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The Stanford University Creative Writing Program: What? Why? How?

What Is Stanford University Creative Writing Program?

The Stanford University, in order to help students improve their creative writing skills, set up the creative writing program. It was founded in 1946 by Wallace Stegner, a renowned writer, novelist, historian, and an environmentalist. Stegner who was a writer had the passion for educating young writers on how to be adept at creative writing.

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He knew that young writing minds needed encouragement and some appropriate information to guide them in honing their writing skill for the future writing. This is the sole aim why he arrived at Stanford University from the world known Harvard University.

At the same time, he created the Stegner fellowship. This fellowship comes with mouth-watering benefits such as stipend of $26,000 per year to assist them with daily spending as well as their tuition charges. They are also liable to receive free coverage of health insurance.

Why Should You Enroll In the Program?

This program is taught by the well-versed creative writing instructors of the Stanford University writing community. The course can be undertaken online which enables you to enhance your creative writing skills from anywhere in the world. This is an advantage that writers who are busy with other engagements can exploit to hone their writing skill. This program is open to everyone across the world. In line with Wallace Stegner’s objective behind the creation of this program, it is urged that everyone should enroll in the program.

How to Apply and What Are the Requirements?

Application for the creative writing program can be done regardless of one’s nationality. There is no age limit as well. There are the undergraduate opportunity and the Stegner fellowship program.

The Stegner fellowship application is preferably done online. The applying requirements include:

  • education and publications,
  • statements of plans, Manuscript (.doc/.pdf) fiction up to 9,000 words,
  • poetry up to 15 pages, a credit card which is needed for payment of application fee and Manuscript (.doc/.pdf) fiction up to 9,000 words,
  • Poetry up to 15 pages and contact details of two recommenders.

The application fee is usually within $85. Payments can be done with a credit card for application done online. For application done by email, payment can be done by sending a cheque or money order to Stanford University (physical cash is not allowed).

An academic background is usually not required. Many Students without formal education or a college degree have been admitted in the past. In fact, admission is based solely on the merit of writing. GRE, TOEFL, and various other writing test scores will not be accepted as this are not taken with high importance in granting you admission.

Furthermore, this program is one that you should go for. The environment is conducive enough to help you gain the needed knowledge about creative writing. The program is a gift for all age writers. Enroll in the program today and get tutored into one of the best creative writers in the world.

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