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Essays for IELTS: What You Need to Know

IELTSWhen the question is about the IELTS tests, the individual is required to generate two absolutely different pieces of writing in a quite short period of time. The candidate for the IELTS test deals with two parts of it (60 minutes to cope with both segments). So, what are you supposed to know about when writing the essays for IELTS?

Reading the Question Is a Must-to-Do

What the writer will be required to do at first is to read the questions several times carefully. As a rule, the questions of this kind will ask you to cope with three or four different things (in addition to the main question). Make sure to jot them down and then refer to them in your answers. The examiner of the IELTS test will 100% check it.

You Must Practice!

Make sure to practice writing tasks within the set limits of time. It is really not really important if you can produce a stunning answer in three hours. What you have to do is to recreate the real-life conditions of the exam, when working on any sort of practice assignments.

Planning Is Essential

Plan before you start writing. Although you’re under strict time pressure, make sure to spend the first few minutes on planning of your work. Make a decision regarding what you are going to say and in what manner you will open up the topic. Once you determine what you will be writing on, you will be able to focus on the how aspect of the writing. Make sure to experiment with the mind-mapping techniques and different kinds of outlining in order to learn how to draw u a quick plan.

Make an Introduction

This part must be short. The point is that you have only forty minutes to produce an essay, and some of them you will spend on planning. In other words, you have to be able to generate a hooking introduction really fast. Just do two things: state the essay topic and say what you’re going to talk about.

Write the Body Paragraphs

For the IELTS essay, you must provide two or three body paragraphs. Include one controlling idea in every paragraph and provide supportive sentences. Write legibly and clearly. This is not the time to experiment. Your text shouldn’t be messy or contain unclear idioms. Use clear and simple English that your examiner will be able to read and understand.

Task 1 or Task 2 – What Are You Supposed to Choose First?

Remember, the essay for the IELTS is worth twice the marks of the whole report. One idea is to work on the essay (the task #2) before the report (the assignment #1), just to make sure you cope with the essay. Your really need at least twenty minutes to complete the first part though. No need to try to provide the answer for it in fifteen minutes.

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