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A Few Words on Research Paper Structure

clipboard listOne of the most important aspects of research paper writing is to ensure that your text is divided into all required sections and placed in the right order. You may provide the finest quality research paper, however, if it is laid out wrong, nobody is going to read it as well as take your findings seriously. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that your research paper structure must be built in accordance with the set requirements. The paper starts with general information, as your conduct your research, it becomes more specific and then slowly moves directly to the research problem. Finally, the paper gets more general as you make an effort to apply your research findings to the world.

Introductive Section

Generally, this part of the paper includes a general presentation of the problem, the layout of what you’re willing to achieve through this project and statement of your personal position. Some students work on the introduction in the first part of the writing process, while the others deal with the introduction at the end. Both methods are good.

General Presentation

Consider the benefits that will be gained at the end of the research or think why the problem you focus on hasn’t been solved yet. Perhaps previous researches have some omissions or maybe nobody has ever thought about the problem.

The Statement of the Writer’s Intentions

This is where the author looks to give a solid background to the paper research, including any sort of information learnt while writing the literature review. Besides, you must also provide explanations on why you have picked this field of research and say why it is important.


The key is to make sure that the other researcher should be able to exactly replicate the experiment, while always writing to the point. The author can assume that your readers are familiar with each of the basic methods, so make certain you do not explain every single detail.


This part will be the most variable and will depend on the aims and results of the experiment. If you’re working on a qualitative research the paper will a discussion of various trends, while the quantitative research may include the presentation of data and numerical results.


In this section the author will have to elaborate upon his findings and provide clear explanations on what he has found as well as add some personal interpretations. In a perfectly done research paper the discussion should be connected with the introductive section.

Conclusive Part

In this part of the research paper you are required to build upon your discussion and refer all of your findings to the authors of the other researches. Within the research paper project this section may include a paragraph or two. Some of the research papers should contain recommendation section also, stating the further guidance for the research. In such case, the author is required to provide some improvement suggestions that should be applied in the research design.

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