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Example of a Formal Report

A formal report is a document that provides a clear information of the topic, related problems, and offers effective solutions that can be further used in order to achieve the desired results (Report writing: Formal. Academic skills office 1). Example of a formal report has to be well-structured, logically organized, and easily understood (The formal report 3). Appropriate solutions have to be offered in order to achieve a more profound understanding of the existing problem.

In present time, a significant number of companies and workers experience the outcomes of the stress at the workplace. The outcomes of stress may be either negative or positive, however, in this report, the negative one will be considered (Dishinger, Howard, Kiagler, Seabrooke & Tucker 31). Taking into consideration that different people may have different reactions to the stress they face and perceive it as a negative or positive impact, the assignment of the management of the company is to achieve a balanced result out of the applied stress.

Negative stress is a major disease in the workplace, and it may debilitate the workers and be expensive for the employers. Managers have to identify the level of suffering from the applied negative stress and start to use various programs as a defense from the stress. The programs can limit the influence provided by stress on the results of work achieved by the employees. The appropriate measures have to be applied in order to reduce the stress in the workplace. First of all, the negative outcomes of stress on the workers and the approaches they use in order to control the stress of the workers have to be considered. The value of the study lies in the potential ability of the employees to control their stress and to learn how to manage stress in the workplace. It would be possible to enable employees to take appropriate action directed at managing stress by identifying the negative outcomes. The management of the company will benefit out of the stress reduction measures as well.

Stress is an effect of some wrong actions. Of course, it can be used in order to awake the workforce, to motivate the employees, and to make them more active, however even in this case, it may have negative outcomes. The employees have to be motivated, but too much control or management may have a negative impact. The managers of the company should follow simple guidelines in order to reduce stress of the workers:

  1. do not violate the rights of the workers;
  2. act according to the regulations adopted by the authorities of the company;
  3. express the desire to cooperate with the employees and value their opinion;
  4. motivate them not just by the system of punishment, but also by the rewards;
  5. avoid stressful situations, and be able to solve the problems that occur in the working environment.

On the basis of the obtained results, the most widespread reasons for the stress faced by the employees were problems with the authorities of the company, and wrong solution of the occurred problems. Thus, the employees have to be valued, heard, and motivated in order to reduce the stress faced by them in the workplace.

Stress reduction will reduce workforce shortening, decrees the effectiveness and productiveness of the employees, and motivate them to contribute more to the development of the company. Besides, it can also improve the environment in the workforce. The offered solutions can be used either in practice or as a foundation for the further researches.

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