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Example of Contract

Example of contract can be found in almost any sphere of life. A contract settles certain norms for the parties to a contract. Parties should act in their good will, there should be offer and acceptance, the contract’s content should be legal and clear. An interesting example of contract might be observed in the scope of personal human relations. It concerns the marriage and the regulations in the couple’s relations. It can be signed before the actual wedding, or during the marriage, specifying the obligations and rights of the couple involved.

Marriage Contract

John Doe, further referred to as Husband, and Kristal Smith, who will be referred to as Wife, enter the contract on May 29, 2016, and agree concerning the following list of regulations:

  1. Husband and Wife are willing to fixate their responsibilities and rights concerning their current property and income as well as their income and property that they may acquire while being married. The provisions cover the property and income that may be acсumulated together as well as separately.
  2. Husband and Wife have completed full disclosing of the liabilities and financial assets. The details are attached in the Appendix 1.
  3. Husband and Wife agree upon the following rights:
    – To share the estates after the death of other spouse
    – To share any retirement accounts, pension and other similar accounts
    – To share the income from the increasing value of the separate property of the spouses
    – To any specific claims that occur during the cohabilitation period
  4. Husband and Wife agree to set the list of the following additional provisions:
    – The future children are to be raised by both of the parties
    – The household chores will be shared based on the workload of the parties
    – Husband and Wife may choose any pet after negotiating this option during the family meeting
    – Husband and Wife agree to visit the parents of each other every month
  5. Both parties to the contract are assisted by an independent legal specialist, chosen freely and separately.
  6. Husband and Wife will have a possibility to have their own separate assets and income to
    cover their financial needs independently.
  7. The parties to the contract agreed concerning the whole spectrum of the issues in the
    contract. It might be changed by Husband and Wife only.
  8. In addition, Husband and Wife exchange the vows to ensure the willful intention to enter marriage.
  9. Husband: “I will always protect you and guarantee that you and our future children are safe in our home. I promise to be open about my ongoing issues. I will explain my concerns and fears, so you will be sure that there are no secrets between us. I vow to do my best to get along with your family and spend enough time with them. I promise to dedicate my time and efforts to giving our children the best possible education and upbringing. I vow to take care of you and our future children in times of sickness. I assure you that I have a full understanding that your career is equally important. Thus, I will support your intention to carry on with your career development”
    Wife: “ I promise to listen to your concerns and fears, to be supportive and open in our relations. I will not keep my personal issues in secret. I will take care of you and our family. I will not leave our children. I will friendly to your family and will visit them regularly.”

  10. If it occurs that a provision of the respective contract is invalid due to being contrary to applicable law, it should be excluded from the contract, and all other provisions remain enforceable and valid.
  11. This contract is composed according to the laws of the state. Consequently, all disputes concerning its enforceability will be viewed through the prism of the state laws.
  12. The contract will be enforceable immediately after being signed by the parties to the contract.

I am fully aware of the above contract, I considered its provisions, I understand their meaning and effect, I agree to its provisions, and I am ready to execute the provisions.

Husband Wife

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