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Example of Elevator Speech

Example of elevator speech represents one of the most important verbal blocks of a job interview. As a matter of fact, it is nothing else, but a candidate’s/applicant’s introduction of him or herself, aimed at drawing the potential employer’s attention to the applicant’s background and professional skills. The first impression, the person makes, is always of the utmost importance to the employer, and serves as the basis for the further development of the interview’s plot. As a rule, the elevator speech commences right after an interviewer’s request of an interviewee’s self-representation. Thus, there is absolutely no doubt in the fact that example of elevator speech is one of the most pivotal sections of any type of a bipolar verbal interrogation.

motivationMy name is John Smith and I am an experienced front-end iOS developer with a job experience of more than five years in the world’s most progressive tech company Apple, Inc. At first, it seems that nothing can force a person to resign from a type of job that I had. However, I have recently decided that the time to move on has come in my life, and I have started searching for the new challenges and professional encounters that will lead me towards further occupational and personal sophistication. It has definitely been a while, since I started my journey in the IT sector, though I have never considered myself an individual, who sees the limits. I do believe and I do know that there is no limit to perfection.

Pondering over my professional skills that are of the utmost interest to the company, I can fervently state that I am able of performing any type of iOS programing and coding tasks, along with providing substantial support to my colleagues. Having been brought up as a professional in the paternal corporation of the iOS technologies, I am definitely capable of bringing something new into the domain of technological refinement of this company. Nowadays, as the world of technology is growing large, I find it extremely important to pass my experience and skills to the new people, who are keen on making this world move faster, think bigger, and acting more wisely.

Furthermore, I am an eager thinker and a book warm, who never succumbs to problems and hardships, but keeps on working until the successful result is shining and looming wide on the horizon of new possibilities. I do like listening to the music because it sets me into the right mood and tunes my life into the chords of productivity and professional performance. I suppose that the good deeds stem from the positive thoughts. Let me confess that I do never embark upon hasty decisions, as coming here for an interview with you can also be classified as the result of long and advanced ruminations. That is, I believe, the most appropriate approach to work to be implemented, when working in this company.

Hence, having all things considered, I do take the liberty to assume that I have opened my world to you to the extent that lets you make the initial judgments about my personality and my professionalism. However, I do understand that working here would never mean a result, achieved in a less than a minute talk – I know that the sample results come after the daily toil, which may last for years, and I am ready to embark upon them. Thank you for your attention, and be sure to ask me whatever you find appropriate to know about me, as I have nothing to hide and a lot to contribute.

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