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Example of Journal Article Review

Example of journal article review is devoted to evaluate the main strengths and weaknesses of a specific article. It provides potential readers with description and analysis, creates a specific interpretation, giving the insight into the focus of the article. Example of journal article review can also be the assistance for the students, it would help to understand the main points of the evaluating and summarizing processes.

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Review of the article Has Donald Trump Found the Formula for Attacking Hillary Clinton?

The Wall Street Journal is a worldwide known business-focused newspaper. Being the largest newspaper by circulation in the US, it definitely proved to be a trusted quality source, with quality texts and authors which are professionals in fields they are discussing. The article Has Donald Trump Found the Formula for Attacking Hillary Clinton? written by Linda Killian is not an exclusion in the above-mentioned tendency. The author revealed to the readers another stage of the strife of two main candidates of approaching elections. Linda Killian gives a general knowledge of the issue from different perspectives and as this theme may be considered to be over-discussed, it is another advantage of the article that she provides clear information in a brief way with a versatile characteristics of the theme.

The text is well organized, and one may easily notice the aim of each paragraph separately. In the first, fourth and fifth paragraphs Linda Killian gives the explanation of the issue, retells, quotes and describes Donald Trump`s appeal to Hillary Clinton. The first paragraph grasps readers with sharp information, it is stated that Trump called Hillary Clinton “a world-class liar” and this phrase has to catch readers` attention. Second and third paragraphs provide general knowledge about Donald Trump, how voters treat him, and why; what inspires voters and what are their doubts about him. The sixth and seventh paragraphs again provide general knowledge in brief, but this time about Hillary Clinton, public opinion about her; how voters may switch their positions; tricky information about who is winning in which state, what the percentages are. Next two paragraphs retell what both Trump and Clinton stated, some more facts about their altercation. In the last paragraph, Linda Killian summarizes the situation with verbal pinches and predicts how the elections and Trump-Clinton rivalry may continue. The phrase in the end “this could be a closer race than many expect” and the flow of text in general shows the unprejudiced author’s position.

Linda Killian described both candidates and their voters` positions from different perspectives, she provided brief and interesting information about the case and one may not say that there was too much or not enough information about the issue which is Trump-Clinton rivalry, the same is with the osculant to the issue elements. Author provided enough small facts, which might be also interesting for potential readers, like the percentages of voters` support in separate three states – it is a rather interesting fact than the information that must be present in this article, but with this fact the text is much more entertaining to read.

The article starts with the description of the author’s proficiency, her last job experience, most recent book and Twitter page. It is a great method as readers are assured before reading the article. If some doubts arise or some reader like the article much, he/she may look through other author’s works.

Generally, The Wall Street Journal presented a good article from many perspectives – it provides chief information, an author is not writing just from one perspective, there are interesting facts which are well told, and all this is presented in brief. The weak points are hard to identify, there might be some additional information about Hillary Clinton and her voters, but this does not change the positive appearance of the article, it is a good instance indeed.


  • Killian, L. (2016, June 23). Has Donald Trump Found the Formula for Attacking Hillary Clinton? Retrieved June 31, 2016, from http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2016/06/23/has-donald-trump-found-the-formula-for-attacking-hillary-clinton/?mod=wsj_streaming_stream

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