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Example of Report

Example of report is a form specifically written for a certain audience in order to inform what kind of activities were conducted in the past. Every report should contain visible evidence regarding on what was done and what issues were present during that particular activity. There are several types of reports, although all of them are based on specific activities and events. Furthermore, example of report itself should be clearly written, well-structured and contain headings in order to ensure that all information is easily accessible.

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Night Shift Report in an IT Company

I am reporting that during our night shift, no real incidents were present, however, we did encounter several issues with the Internet Provider Service (IPS). Approximately at 4:40 AM, we lost proper Internet connection and were not able to complete the assignment since it is heavily dependable on it. Furthermore, as time went on, the client tried to contact us due to the fact that we missed the deadline. Due to an unusual situation, we were not able to react accordingly since we had little to no experience.

Later, at 4:55 Vincent Mitsela, our core developer, contacted the Support Department and requested a deadline extension, although we did receive it, we were not able to proceed with the assignment due to technical issues with IPS. Thus, we decided that it would be wise to visit our local restaurant where the Internet was present since it was the best course of action and our only possibility to complete the assignment. Upon arrival, we encountered one of our workers, Julian Kimovin and kindly asked him for assistance.

Once we established a proper Internet connection, which was approximately 5:25 AM, we formed three micro-divisions in order to ensure quality and swiftness. After an hour of dedicated work, we managed to complete the assignment and delivered it to our customer in time, thus at 6:24 AM we delivered the completed work. Although, despite our collective work, the customer was not satisfied with the end quality of the project so we decided to clarify the reason for the revision that he requested. In addition, we believe that the customer was more dissatisfied with lateness than with the end quality of the project, as a matter of fact, we believe it is the core reason why a revision was requested.

All in all, after an hour of waiting, the claim was delivered to us, but the customer’s claims were vague at best and did not feature real evidence regarding the quality of the work, so I decided to reject the request after careful examination of the work. Once we finished the analysis and rejected the claim, we rechecked all equipment, the kitchen, and the restroom in order to secure the safety of the office and office equipment. At 6:40 AM we left the office room while the project itself can be found in the attached section of the letter.

Thank you for your understanding and patience,


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