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Example of Report Writing for Students

During their studies at the educational institutions, students are frequently assigned to prepare the report about significant school events in which they participated. The objective of this type of academic work is to examine students’ involvement in the occasion and discover their findings from it. Example of report writing for students is prepared in accordance with major requirements that such type of work implies. Specifically, example of report writing for students involves the introductory information about the event, including its type, date, objective, and location. It also represents consistent, well-organized, and significant information about the course of the event that is reported in this paper.

volunteers helping kidsStudying Social Work and Human Services during my first year at the Eastern Washington University, I had quite a favorable opportunity to participate in the volunteer event that was organized by the educational institution for children at the age of 7 years with various physical disabilities. This occasion took place in the courtyard of the main building of the University on Monday, May 16, 2016. This event was dedicated to arranging various interesting, entertaining, and interactive activities for physically disabled children and teaching students to communicate and interact with them.

This voluntary event started at 10 AM in the morning and lasted till 3 PM. The occasion has begun with an opening speech of the university chancellor. During his opening speech, the university chancellor had greeted the audience and introduced the order of the occasion. After that, the coordinators of the occasion, who were also professors of the University, provided the participants with appropriate instructions, concerning the performance of activities. Сhildren were divided into the groups of four people and students, who participated in the event, were appointed to be their mentors. There was a big variety of interesting activities that group mentors had to perform with their groups of toddlers. In particular, the most entertaining and remarkable of them were “Small Theater” and “Singer”.

The first entertaining activity called “Small Theater” implied the organization of the small comic performance that every group of participants should present. This performance should last no more than 10 minutes, and the same time was provided for arranging it. I could not mention any comic story to apply it as the scenario for the performance. Therefore, I asked young members of my group to offer any comic story they liked the most. Consequently, we arranged and performed the comic play from their favorite cartoon “The Jungle Book”. The second activity “Singer” also was quite interesting and exciting as every group has to prepare and perform the song. I have proposed toddlers of my group to perform the well-known children’s song “Chocolate Cake”. However, the young participants preferred another song called “Old Mackdonald’s Farm”. I agreed with their offer as they liked and knew this song much better. Our performance excited the audience and it caused rough applause. At the end of the occasion, children had a lunch at the dining room of the main building.

It was one of the most exciting events I have ever had to participate. It was a great pleasure for me to take part in this volunteer occasion, entertaining children with special needs. I consider this event was also quite important to toddlers as they forgot about their healthy problems for a while, getting involved into exciting activities. Furthermore, I have obtained appropriate communication skills with disabled children that may be relevant to my future profession. Consequently, I can strongly assert that I would definitely participate in such events in the future.

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