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Example of Reviews

Example of reviews is a significant kind of the academic papers that proves the high school and university students’ knowledge and skills gained during the course. It contains the summary of the specific book, article, movie, or research with the critical analysis that reflects the student’s familiarity with the described information. In addition, example of reviews proves the student’s ability to determine the main theories, points, arguments, and conceptions in the texts and develops the critical and evaluative thinking.


Review of the article: “Globalization and Health at the United States–Mexico Border”

Globalization is the innovative trade model that makes the significant influence on the political, economic, and social activity. In the article, Nuria Homedes and Antonio Ugalde observed the effects of globalization on the health care policy. Supporting their arguments by the regarded data collected from the North American Free Trade Agreement regulation documents, they explored the USA-Mexico mutual cooperation in the health care field trying to figure out the causes of the controversial health problems.

The main cause of the health policymaking issue on the USA-Mexico border is the free international trade that appears in the goods, services, and capital flows rapid exchange between the explored states. The free economic activity attracts the business holders to the border who strives to succeed due to the beneficial features of globalization. According to the independent investigation obtained, more than 11 million people reside along the USA-Mexico border. The researchers consider that the population in this region will double in 2020 and, thus, provide the further development of the health related problems:

  • the air and water pollution;
  • motor accidents;
  • the animal control impossibility;
  • border communications limitation.

Referring to this complex situation, Nuria Homedes and Antonio Ugalde state the infectious diseases rapid development. According to the specific statistics obtained by them, the rates of hepatitis A among the American border residents are 3-times higher compared to the state’s rates. The similar situation is detected in Mexico in which every second woman who visits the prenatal clinic is infected with hepatitis A.

In 1994, the NAFTA signed an agreement that establishes the favorable conditions for the international trade on the one hand and promotes social, and political activity on the other along the USA-Mexico border. Unfortunately, this agreement does not contain a chapter related to the health care and protection. Thus, the residents of the explored region are forced to seek and purchase the pharmaceuticals by themselves crossing the border in the different directions.

Due to the in-depth analysis of the public health policymakers activity and NAFTA regulations, the authors of the article concluded the lack of the efforts aimed at the borders residents’ excessive activity adjustment. Based on the provided arguments, Nuria Homedes and Antonio Ugalde proved the destructive effect of globalization on the health care policy. They also figured out and named the specific economic, political, and social barriers that prevent the American and Mexican health policymakers from the successful cooperation. The first action to solve the health care issues is to overcome the political and cultural interdependence. Moreover, it is important for the politicians to equal the health care policy with the economic cooperation on the border.


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