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What Inspires Me the Most?

it inspires meThis is probably one of the most popular questions people are given when having a job interview or in a simple conversation with a friend. It is a valid question to be asked, without a doubt, but as for me, the answer is hard to find. I can’t boast of having a long list of various songs, movies and paintings that may inspire me for the reason that I don’t have a slightest idea of how it works. It’s like you’re just listening to your favorite song and after that you’re super good at painting? I don’t think so. To my mind, inspiration can be easily found anywhere, and usually it is something really hard to define. Being inspired means diving into a certain feeling or mood that one cannot easily describe with simple words.

At the same time, there is something that I find inspiration in. People. To talk more precise – I’m delighted by the energy they emit. Without a doubt, every of us knows at least one individual who, regardless of what he/she does, has unmatched and creative energy. Once you get in touch, his or her motivation and enthusiasm uplifts you and you definitely feel better and…inspired. These are people who have enough courage to live the life the way they want to, who are not afraid to state that their birthright is remarkable and creative…People who do not just sit and wait until things are going great in order to get what they want. Those are individuals who give themselves an opportunity to get out of the box, who simply follow their hearts.

They are not necessary attention seekers or cheerful extroverts. To say more, they can be pretty introverted and even very reclusive. At the same time, you can feel real strength, love and devotion when communicating with them. No matter what they do, it comes through their work, which is always meaningful and soulful.

Those are the individuals who sometimes go over the social norms or break common beliefs regarding “how everything must or mustn’t be done”, not because of disrespect but because they allow themselves to be innovative, creative, inventive, and to follow their exceptional vision. Day by day they make sure to challenge our belief systems and cheer us up to open our hearts and minds to brand new opportunities and perspectives.

Personally I feel deep appreciation for everyone who is brave enough to follow their dreams and get what they are longing for regardless of possible consequences because they give us an amazing example of how to live a fulfilled life motivated by dreams, courage and…inspiration.

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