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become a tutorDoctors, dentists, lawyers, engineers, musicians, politicians… How did they all succeed to get to their place of destination? No matter what kind of life path one has chosen – be it a huge media corporation or a small high school – almost everyone has progressed to where he is at the moment because he had a really good and committed teacher, someone who had given him enough to show the way to go. If you take a look into your dictionary, you will find out that teacher is someone, who actually instructs. To teach someone means to give detailed instructions and to provide him with certain skills. I would like to become a tutor. And I will tell you why. To be more precise, I will tell you what exactly has led me to where I am now and why I want to be a qualified teacher.

Having faced with a great variety of professions, I ended up with the only one that hooked my attention – I have chosen to become a tutor. Why? The thing is that I myself am an actual product of whom I wish to become one day – the best teacher in the world! As a kid, I was inspired by a wonderful lady, who helped me to believe that I can reach the stars. In other words, she made me believe that I can accomplish any goal successfully. My first school teacher inspired me to be the best I could ever be. As the years were passing by, I met many other great teachers, who not only inspired me but also supported me when I was about to get all set and reach my dreams. These stunning people are the best friends in my life and due to their positive influence I have made a decision to become a teacher.

Now that you are aware of how I have come up with the decision to become a tutor, I would like to tell you why exactly this profession has become my choice. The whole point is that I want to be a school teacher not because of the holidays off and weekend stuff, and not because of some privileges or salary…To be honest, I want to become a good teacher because I am absolutely committed to turning our world into a better place, to make a difference in the lives of the people around me. To my personal point of view, teaching is one of the most noble and fulfilling roles in our lives. Becoming a tutor is about polishing and shaping an individual by instructing and teaching him. To say more, becoming a teacher is a great responsibility that comprises various obstacles, and I feel like I am absolutely ready to face with the challenge that is ahead of me.

To sum the story up, I have provided you with a clear view on why I want to become a tutor and what has led me to this particular decision. I want to teach the younger generations because when it’s time for me to pass away, I will know that I made a difference and perhaps changed somebody else’s life just the way my teachers changed mine.

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