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Fraternity and Sorority Membership: Does It Help You to Get Trough the College Life?

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When we enter college or university, we face all the pros and cons of becoming a member of some sorority or fraternity. Every student must, first of all, consider the following: being an integral part of the Greek system can bring a wide range of benefits that may reach far beyond the years spent in the college or university.

According to the most recent surveys, more than 30 000 college graduates from all parts of the USA, who were members of sororities and fraternities, are more likely to be absolutely passionate and engaged at work than their “colleagues”, who didn’t go Greek.

Besides, the survey has revealed that college graduates, who had inspiring and dedicated professors and mentors, were involved in various extracurricular activities and long term academic projects, and had gone through internship, are more likely to have full work engagement and higher well being in the future!

One of the advantages of being a member of some sorority or fraternity lies in the fact that individuals are more emotionally supported while studying at college, which gives them a solid basis for the later life. For a great number of students, leaving home to go to the other city (or even country!) can be a pretty difficult task. They are separated from the family they love and the best friends of childhood for the very first time. In order to cope with the stress, a lot of experts recommend them to consider fraternities or sororities to avoid this kind of depression.

To add more, the advantage of the sorority and fraternity members’ engagement also indicates that these people are more likely to be emotionally and intellectually tied with their organizations and passionate about their work. In other words, sorority and fraternity members who are employed full time are more excited about their positions than the other college graduates. They are more responsible, more passionate about all projects and are better team players!

In addition, sorority and fraternity members are more likely than the other students to be successful when the question is about the basic five elements of well-being. They are the following: physical, purpose, financial, social and community. This means that the students who once were the members of the sorority and fraternity are more likely than their non-Greek colleagues to build solid social relationships, to find the desired fulfillment in routine assignments and access to the resources individuals are in need of, to be physically healthy, to feel financially safe and to participate in an assigned community.

However, individual members of sororities and fraternities have unfortunately been involved in numerous issues related to the sexual assaults, hazing and binge drinking. Without a doubt, all the Greek organizations must exert every effort to prevent all the negative events in the future.

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