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Prestigious Colleges Won’t Make You Happier In Life or Work…Is That True?

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The whole point is that no opinion poll can actually prove that attending a world-famous educational establishment influence the future life of a student. According to the various previous studies there is no edge for reputed schools. In other words, there are no links between highly expensive private educational establishments and future salary for college graduates. The thing is that the income is more related to the graduate’s choice of a major.

If you take a close look at the most recent surveys within the industry, you will find out that a lot of them asked about the qualitative stuff – opportunity to master new skills and grow professionally, motivation to reach the goals, purpose. The results show that the surveys revealed no influence whether the diploma costs $300 000 or $30 000. Besides, there is an obvious correlation between the college debts students face with after the graduation and entrepreneurship. It is known that almost three-quarters of the college students of the USA leave school with a huge debt. About 26% of grads, who had no debt, started their own business, to compare with only 20% of those being assigned with school debt of 20 000 – 40 000. This must be the most dramatic takeaway regarding the graduation from an elite educational establishment.

In other words, students, who achieved their career goals after the graduation, admitted that they had made it not because of the diploma’s sky high price, but because they had a dedicated tutor by their side. They had a “professor who encouraged them to work hard to make all the dreams come true”, “tutor who cared about them in the times of need” and “professor who showed how exciting the process of learning can be”. These students are three times more likely to be thriving in the future and absolutely passionate about their work. Besides, the students who were regular participants of various internships and long-term projects are twice as likely to be fully engaged in their professional careers nowadays.

As we can see from everything mentioned above, the high class and expensive educational establishment has nothing to do with the future success of the graduates. To say more, the graduates may even face with certain negative issues caused by the prestigious status of the school they attended. For example, they can be pretty overburden by the college debt. First they were in need of a certain sum to pay for education and now it’s time to give the money back. With this in mind, I’d recommend all students, who are on the cross roads now, to ponder over all pros and cons and concentrate on the outcomes of the possible choice of this or that college. And remember that a college degree is a ticket to new opportunities, citizenships, career progress and growth, but not a shiny start you can later boast of!

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