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Approaching a Global Warming Essay

global warming essay, essay on global warmingIf one were to compile a list of the most widely used essay topics, global warming would probably be among the first ten. Tutors on all academic levels simply love it, and for a very good reason – just like any other controversial issue it gives you an opportunity to express and try to prove different points of view. Society doesn’t have a generally accepted viewpoint on it, which means that if you can find proof for your opinion, you will do fine. Thus, a secret to writing a successful global warming essay is to have an opinion on the topic – if you are not indifferent to what you write about, the process itself will be way easier to deal with. If you don’t have a clear-cut opinion on the subject, try to choose this or that viewpoint anyway – your tutor won’t probably be very happy about your disinterest if you let it show.


Good Research Essay Topics on Global Warming

The good thing about global warming as a topic is that it leaves great scope for imagination. If your tutor doesn’t give you an assignment with a narrowly defined topic, and you can choose for yourself, consider yourself lucky, for a good choice of topics can greatly help you in your work. Here are just a few examples of what you can write about:

  • Global Warming: Myth or Reality.
  • The Measures against the Global Warming Taken in Different Countries.
  • Global Warming: History of The Concept.
  • Possible Ramifications of Global Warming.
  • Ways to Prevent Global Warming.


As you may see, there are a lot of excellent research essay topics one can choose from when it comes to writing about global warming. This theme in general is extremely volatile – some people consider global warming to be an unmistakable fact and an immediate danger to humanity; others believe that it is either greatly exaggerated or even completely non-existent. The very nature of research essays presupposes that you should delve into the matter, but what conclusions you are going to come to depends on you and on you only.


Studying Research Essay Examples

If it is the first time you deal with research essays, you should probably spend some time studying the samples of other works written in this genre. They shouldn’t necessarily be on the same topic – as a matter of fact, you should even avoid using research essay examples about global warming if it is the theme you are to work on. Chances are they will only confuse you and, consciously or subconsciously, you will borrow parts of them in your own work. The purpose of reading an example is completely different – an example should give you a general understanding of the structure and principles of the kind of essay you are working on. If you study an example on a completely unrelated topic it helps you to understand these principles in isolation from the subject matter and later use them in any work – not just the one dedicated to global warming.

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