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How to Write an Essay about Drugs

essay about drugsThe problem of illegal drugs is one of the more sensitive issues encountered in modern world, and it is unlikely to get any less sensitive in foreseeable future, because in the vast majority of cases in dealing with them the world follows the same path it has been following for the last decades, and the situation doesn’t seem to be changing. From the point of view of a student it means that this topic will remain a moot point, and you are probably going to write an essay about drugs at some point of your academic career; perhaps more than once. And, as you certainly know, it pays to be prepared to all eventualities.

Argumentative Essay Topics about Drugs

First of all, you have to choose a topic – at least if you are given such degree of freedom. Thankfully, the theme in question is broad and diverse enough to make room for ideas. Here are just a few examples of what you may write:

  • The History of War on Drugs.
  • Positions on Addictive Drugs in Different Cultures and Different Countries.
  • Alternative Ways of Drug Regulation.

A lot in your choice of argumentative essay topics depends on your own views – it is far easier and more fun to write about something you actually believe in than to pretend that you believe in something.

How to Use Argumentative Essay Examples about Drugs

If you are unfamiliar with writing argumentative essays, you may benefit from studying some examples of this kind of writing. They are not hard to come by – as it has already been said, various topics related to drug abuse are extremely popular among the tutors and, subsequently, among the students, which means that you won’t have any trouble finding samples of such works. However, before using argumentative essay examples found on the web as a basis for your own work, try to make sure that they are at least decently written. The fact that a text is present in some kind of online repository doesn’t necessary mean it is a good one.

Writing an Essay on Drug Abuse

So, you have to write about drug abuse. First try to define what kind of essay it will be. Are you going to write about the medical facet of the problem? Or will it be a real-life example, describing the fate of a particular person, or something else entirely? Then, define your opinion about the subject matter and try to weave it into the text. For example, most people would agree that addictive drugs are not such a great thing; but what about the ways modern society and modern government deal with them? Is the war on drugs waged for the better part of a century really effective? Or does it simply criminalize drugs, assisting the drug mafia rather than fighting it? Choose your opinion, state your point. When you have a strong stand on something it is not hard to write an essay on drug abuse at all.

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