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How to Deal with the Descriptive Essay on Global Warming?

Taking into consideration all the Hollywood works, the latest news from the weather channels and so on, it’s not a real surprise that now you face a global warming essay writing task.

No need to be overcome by panic though. Dealing with a descriptive essay is way easier than you may imagine, especially if you pay attention to all the tips given below.

Mind the Word & Page Count!

In case you’re not provided with any minimum word or page count demands – you’re lucky! Still, if you’re stuck with special requirements given by the college tutor, here’s what you must always remember: the page of an essay with the 1″ margin on every side and written in 12 Times New Roman double spaced font is usually about 250 to 300 words.

A bit later you will find out what the basic essay sections are. You will need to break your word or page count down in accordance with those parts. Make sure to allocate more content to the essay sections you feel you will definitely have a really easier time researching and writing. More often than not, these will be the following sections: the opening part and the conclusive one for, in most cases, they are usually mostly based on your own opinions and not solid facts.

Mind the Essay Principal Structure!

Intro – this is actually where you have to give your reader clear information on what is going on these days because of global warming. Feel free to provide a quick discussion on different key aspects that have caused the global warming, starting with the deforestation and ending with the global industrialization. Just look around – you’ve got a lot to talk about!

Body – here’s the place where you can explain what the global warming really is. Remember, you’re not speaking to the national Nobel Prize winners. Thus, make sure you speak as simple as you can. The essay overfilled with science terms can ruin your desired grade for you have to be ready to explain each of them! Mention the global warming effects, causes and all the actions that were taken to solve the problem. You’ve got some “what-to-do” suggestions on how to stop global warming? Go on!

Remember, in the global warming essay body you have to write objectively. There will be enough time and space to voice your personal viewpoint.

Conclusion – make sure to begin with 2-3 short sentences summing up all the content you have provided before. Move on to stating your point of view on what you’ve succeeded to learn in the process of researching and writing so far. Finish your assignment with a final decision or a thought-provoking statement on what you think about this global problem and, if possible, make some sort of a prediction of what will happen one day if the global warming is not stopped. Call your readers to action!

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