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Romeo and Juliet: 5 Paragraphs about Love

In case you haven’t coped with the Romeo and Juliet story on your own, do not be in a hurry to read the book. In case you don’t feel like reading the printed text, make sure to watch the Franco Zeffirelli masterpiece with Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting. The 1968 version of the Shakespeare’s work of literature impresses even the most skeptical individuals.

All in all, it is a really exciting and interesting play that remains highly emotional even in the XXI century. Don’t miss a chance to make an adventurous journey to the past using simple tips provided below.

Producing the Romeo and Juliet 5-paragraph-essay requires the following skills:

  • Descriptive (as we know, the love story was created for the stage only, a writer is supposed to develop vivid and colorful images in the reader’s mind);
  • Analytic (for one is supposed to write based on one’s detailed analysis only);
  • Understanding of dramatic techniques (various poetic/literary devices such as the following: irony, soliloquy, sonnet, asides, exaggeration and so on should be analyzed within the essay).

When working on the essay on Romeo and Juliet you’re supposed to be armed with technical skills and avoid some approaches:

  • No need to confuse your reader! If the essay is based on the play, make sure you never make it look like a novel. Provide your reader with a feeling of facing a real life drama.
  • It is recommended to write an essay on Romeo and Juliet as if you’re watching it right now in a local theatre (not read a book or watch a movie!).

5 simple steps to quality Romeo and Juliet essay writing:

  • When assigned with the task to analyze the work of literature, make sure to begin with the detailed analysis of the play according to several basic factors: culture, family, society, love, language, etc. Thus, the process of the essay writing will be easier, smoother and more coherent.
  • Ready or not, but you must read the play in order to clarify the subject matter or a theme of the masterpiece – what is it that William Shakespeare is trying to picture within his work?

  • Intro: create a special list of different points that are based on the analysis  provided earlier – find out what is relevant to the theme?
  • Body (3 paragraphs): within these paragraphs you have to clearly and logically explain the most essential points you have mentioned in the introduction. Don’t be afraid to use properly cited quotations, references, examples, etc.
  • Conclusion: here goes the ending assertion about what thoughts and feelings you have about the most dramatic death in the world literature. Link your ideas with the points listed in the intro/body of the essay.

And finally, love is a powerful emotion that is brightly pictured within the famous play and writing on it requires respect for the feelings of the people who suffer in its name!

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