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Internship Report Sample

The major purpose of internship report sample is to describe and highlight the specific experience and skills obtained by the intern during the practice. Generally, the structure of internship report sample also involves an overall description of the organization or its’ internship program. Notably, in most cases, the document is written in the first-person, however, an impersonal writing is also acceptable.

social media professional“In the summer of 2015, I have participated in the Yahoo’s full-time technical engineering internship program. There are several reasons underlying the choice of Yahoo in terms of having an internship. First of all, by the end of 2014, I have already received a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. Consequently, being a specialist in software engineering, I was determined to start a career with one of the biggest market players. Therefore, in terms of the personal professional growth, the participation in the Yahoo internship program appeared to be an indispensable opportunity.

Recently, Yahoo is one of the major multinational companies operating at the Web engineering and technology market. Notably, the main website of the company remains the most popular news-reading resource in the US. It is worth mentioning, that nowadays the company’s software department is mainly focused on the development of several priority areas. Namely, these areas involve the e-mail service, search engine, and the homepage with a top economic, political, and sports news. Obviously, the rapid growth of the Yahoo! requires the management to recruit constantly the new professionals who will shape the company’s image tomorrow. Therefore, aimed at finding young and talented specialists, the decision to launch a comprehensive technical engineering internship program was taken by the company’s management. Particularly, there is a wide range of internship opportunities for those willing to join Yahoo. Personally, I have decided to participate in the two-month technical software engineering internship, which took place at the company’s headquarters in California.

The engineering summer internship has, first of all, enabled me to understand the way in which big companies are producing the software. In addition, I have received a remarkable opportunity to improve and implement in practice the skills and knowledge gained during the Bachelor studies. Particularly, there were overall twenty interns participating in the program. We were divided into four teams of five people with each group headed by an experienced mentor from Yahoo. Consequently, during the two months of internship, the participants have received a basic knowledge concerning each stage of the software development process in Yahoo. Due to my specification, I was mainly working with the front-end languages including CSS, HTML, and JQuerry. In addition, I have also received an opportunity to improve my skills in the fields which I only partially studied at the University. Namely, the statement refers to the databases maintenance by means of the Oracle and Hive systems.

By the end of the internship, each group has presented its own software project to the company’s management. In particular, our team has introduced the project on data mining by means of the cross-platform coding. Subsequently, after the presentation, I and one of my teammates were proposed by Yahoo to sign a year-long contract to work in a company’s software engineering department. Therefore, the internship in Yahoo has turned to be an indispensable experience and a significant step towards my personal professional growth.”

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