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UCLA Applicants: 4 Main Steps to Follow When Applying for College

It is never too early to start prepping for the college application process. Just like any other big step in life, and perhaps more so, the success of the outcome will depend on the level of preparation one puts into it. When applying to UCLA especially, it is important to note that this is the university that receives the most applications in the US, and one with some of the most selective processes. In order to get in, here are some things you must consider.

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1. Goal and Needs Assessment

Ultimately, there is a reason in every important step taken in one’s life; this is the same for college. When beginning UCLA application process, it plays a huge role to assess and understand your goals and the reason for choosing a particular field. Think about your career goals, where you want to live, religious affiliations, whether you might thrive in an environment that has more or fewer students and the kind of educational experience you would like to have there. This is important because UCLA will ask questions and consider your goals and needs when evaluating your application. For instance, they will ask you personal insight questions about what you have done and are hoping to do to stand out as a candidate and a student at the university.

2. Gather Information

In order to gain admission at such a prestigious university, it is important to have as much information as possible about your prospective course, department and the application process. There are many resources online that help with the application process. For the prospective UCLA students, though, the university website provides a lot of information on what one can do to heighten their chances of admission. For freshman applicants, there is information available about the tests you have to take as well as information you have to provide.

3. Admission Tests

Most universities require some sort of tests be done for one to be able to make the formal application. At UCLA, the application tests considered are SAT or ACT. Scores from these tests play a huge role in determining whether one is accepted into their college of choice.

4. The Application Process

This is what comes to most people’s minds when they think about applying for a college. In truth, it is simply one of several steps during the application process. UCLA considers the following when evaluating your actual application

  • Official high school transcripts, in most cases, have to be in English. UCLA calculates academic Grade Point Averages (GPA) using courses they have approved from the 10th and 11th grades;
  • The strength of the program chosen in the context of your high school;
  • Whether you have been ranked within the top 9 percent in your school and/or the top 9 percent across the state;
  • Your sustained participation in activities that develop your academic or intellectual abilities.

There is no single formula for application and admission into UCLA, and this makes it a particularly popular school for applicants. With the high numbers of people applying, following these steps will help you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of acceptance.

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