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Mary: Establish a Professional Working Environment

Mary has built an extremely successful freelancer career with ThePensters being her first workplace. With 656 orders completed, she boasts of completing up to 400 pages per month.

Customer feedback is nothing but positive only.

ThePensters (P further): How did you manage to get in Top 5 writers?

Mary (M further):I started working with ThePensters.com on March, 2012. The top five writers had already completed more than 100 orders during this time. It was hard to get orders with a new account because most of the customers were not sure whether I could deliver to their expectations. However, I did not lose hope at even one single day. I continued to place bids for about two weeks without success. I decided to use one of the tactics of getting orders that the company had offered to new writers, which is placing a bid using the lowest price of about $3. I also made sure that I could manage to successful complete the order I might be assigned and deliver an “A” material. That is how I secured my first order with ThePensters.com. After the client assigned me the order, I communicated effectively with him by asking questions that I was not clear about in order to ensure that I deliver a perfect paper. Since then, hard work and determination has enabled me to become the number one writer in ThePensters.com. Other tactics that I have been employing include bidding with a considerable amount of price. It is important to remember that most of the clients are students and want to be assisted with more work in the future in order to achieve their academic ambitions. The other tactic that I have been employing is always keeping in touch with clients. This helps in building confidence and a strong relationship with the client in order to enable him/her come back for more services.

P: How did you start you career as a freelancer? How did you start you career with ThePensters.com?

M:I was one of the best writers in my academic career. Apart from working on the school syllabus, I spent most of my time reading articles, researching for new information and writing various different stories on any topic. Therefore, I can say that my past has been all about researching and writing. Having a great interest in writing and a positive can-do attitude, I discovered that I could become one of the best freelancers. I researched about the freelance writing career and fortunately, I came across Thepensters.com. After reading the terms and conditions of the company, I was confident that this is the best place where I could start my career as a freelancer. I have now been working with Thepensters.com for the past one year and I am very glad to be one of the best writers in the company. I have always loved being my own manager.

P: What orders do you prefer?(disciplines, # of pages, etc.)

M:I can work on orders from any discipline but the following are my most preferred ones:

  • Business.
  • Communication.
  • English Literature.
  • Management.
  • Nursing.

P: How many orders do you complete per month?

M:The number of orders depends with the season. I normally work on many pages during the high season compared to the low season. On the high season, I work on about 60 orders per month while during the low season, I normally work on about 40 orders per month. These numbers of orders range between 300-400 pages per month.

P: Any other tips for new writer?

M:In order to become successfully as a freelance writer, the following are some tips that new writers ought to offer first priority:

  • Develop a positive and a will-to-do attitude in order handle various different topics. It is advisable to note that it takes hard work and persistence to be successful as a freelance writer.
  • Establish a professional working environment.
  • Always communicate effective with clients in order to build a strong relationship.
  • Always provide perfect, professional and non-plagiarized work.

Expect and accept to work on revisions. To be sincere, if you cannot be flexible to work on revisions and meet clients’ expectations at all times, it will be hard to succeed as a freelance writer.

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