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Eatino: The Secret to Freelance Work Is Persistence and Quality Work

Eatino is viewed under the shell today. The writer boasts of 350 orders completed, 4.79 positive feedback rate and only 2 blog posts. Let’s find out what Eatino thinks of becoming one of the Top-5 ThePensters.

ThePensters (P further): How did you manage to get in Top 5 writers?

Eatino (E further): I managed to get into the top five writers by always writing high quality work particularly getting 5 out of 5 ratings. This gets you noticed as a good writer who can be trusted with complex work and thus a lot of people will request you for their orders or if you bid you are more likely to get the order.

P: How did you start you career as a freelancer? How did you start you career with ThePensters.com?

E: I started my career as a freelance while I was in school and I have written for several companies to supplement my income in college. It is after I finished school that I seriously started freelancing and the pensters was my first stop. I began my career with the Pensters by bidding on a few orders about once a day since at first it is very frustrating as you bid and you don’t get the orders. I got my first order after bidding continously for about a month; it was a psychology order of 3 pages on which the client rated me a 5 and gave me her subsequent orders. I completed three orders from the client and this was the foundation for my career with the pensters. Since I had a good rating I did bid and got assigned a few orders initially and then after finishing about ten orders and establishing a name with some returning clients, I started getting more orders from then.

P: What orders do you prefer?(disciplines, # of pages, etc.)

E: I do prefer the shorter orders with less than ten pages since these are orders which even when complex you could find something to write on as opposed to say 50 pages which if complex may present problems in even getting a quarter of the way in doing them. I do prefer the humanities and social sciences such as psychology, philosophy, law, history, literature, biology among others. However I also do orders in other scientific disciplines such as accounting, mathematics, chemistry, biology if they are not complicated enough.

P: How many orders do you complete per month?

E: In any given month I do not keep a track of how many orders I complete but I do set a target of 700 dollars a month.

P: Any other tips for new writer?

E: For new writers I would say the secret to freelance work is persistence and quality work; if you bid on enough orders, it is inevitable that you will get selected to complete one, do a good job and get a good rating and you get returning clients and new ones.

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