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Rkeijei: Have an Attitude that Freelancing is a Profession

And here’s a short, yet rather deep interview with Rkeijei. This writer has completed 212 orders with ThePensters and claims that the funds earned here are a great financial add-on.

ThePensters (P further): How did you managed to get in Top 5 writers

Rkeijei (R further): I have managed to get to top five writers after a year of hard work and dedication.

P: How did you start you career as a freelancer? How did you start you career with ThePensters.com?
R: I started my career as a freelancer in essaywriters.com, but due to challenges as a new writer my account was closed. I joined pensters on September 2011 and began working as a serious writer for the site in Feb 2012.

P: What orders do you prefer?(disciplines, # of pages, etc.)
R: My field is business, management and economics. However, I am also able to handle other topics.

P: How many orders do you complete per month?
R: Per month I complete about 20-30 orders.

P: Any tips for new writers?
R: My advice to the new writers with pensters is that they should be patient and have an attitude that freelancing is a profession. The site is currently paying for my internet, electricity bill and gives me some extra cash.

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